Launching Marvel’s Star Wars #1 at Atom Comics!

This Saturday (17th January ’15) marks the only launch event of Marvel’s spanking new Star Wars comic series at Atom Comics (The Cathay @ 2 Handy Road).

Organised in partnership with Fat Boy’s, PI and, yours truly, justsaying.asia, brace yourself to boldly go where no man has gone before… oops, wrong Star franchise.

But here’s some of the awesome stuff happening:

[divider]Release of Star Wars #1[/divider]

Cover Art by John Cassaday
Cover Art by John Cassaday

The BIG deal of the day! Marvel’s Star Wars #1 is being sold at a cent-for-cent conversion of its cover price. That’s right, it’s only S$4.99! Also, spend $40 in store and receive 10% off all Star Wars merchandise!

[divider]Fat Boy’s[/divider]

Fat Boy's
Fat Boy’s are not only known for their indulgently sinful burgers (oooh, new word: Sindulgent!), but also their cool pop-culture inspired names for their food items. Head up to Atom Comics for some of the treats they have in store!


Photography courtesy of Mezame: facebook.com/theartofmezame
Photography courtesy of Mezame: facebook.com/theartofmezame

Singapore’s very own lightsaber performance group, FightSaber’s known for their choreography and stage combat shows. Look out for them at Atom Comics and around The Cathay—they’re your only hope!

[divider]X-Wing Miniatures Competition[/divider]

X-Wing Miniatures
Check out this tactical ship-to-ship dogfighting table top game featuring starfighters from the Star Wars universe! Hosted by our friends at PI, the tournament will be held at The Cathay’s atrium.

[divider]501st Legion[/divider]

Align yourself: Jedi or Trooper? Meet Singapore’s 501st Legion as they patrol the The Cathay seeking traitors to the Empire.

For more information, check out our event poster:

Marvel's Star Wars #1 Launch Event Poster
Marvel’s Star Wars #1 Launch Event Poster