Kritika: White Knights: FREE in-game-gold Promotion!

Kritika: The White Knights has passed 10 million downloads worldwide and GAMEVIL would like to commemorate the achievement by providing justsaying.asia and it’s readers with free in-game currency for new players.

The game features crisp graphics and hack-and-slash motions which provide players with an adrenaline rush when annihilating their enemies. As players progress through each world, their characters gain access to a variety of strike and attack abilities, including a special EX skill which provides maximum impact.

If advancing through the game’s levels is not enough, players can further immerse themselves in the fast-paced fighting world of Kritika by defending themselves in endless Monster Waves or competing to become the ultimate champion in a Rival Match.In addition, the latest update includes a guild shop and guild tower. Join the battle now!

[toggler title=”Click to Reveal Code” ]HELLOKRITIKA[/toggler]
Expiration date: 08 Feb 2015 (SGT)
Contents: 200 Karats
Who can use the code: New users within 24 hours of downloading “Kritika: The White Knights” (on iOS, Android, or Amazon)

How to redeem:
– Start the game.
– Click on the “Notice” button located at the left side
– Click on the “ENTER YOUR PROMO CODE HERE!” banner.
– Enter the code in the field and push “Enter”. Your item will be delivered to your mailbox.
*You may need to restart the game client for the item to register.

Download Kritika here:

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