kfc Tango Spice chicken_Portrait

KFC Singapore Launches New, Argentina-Inspired, Tango Spice Chicken

From 5 April 2021, KFC Singapore will be launching the new Tango Spice chicken inspired by Argentina’s flavours.

Foodies will be able to experience a whole new sensation with the NEW KFC Tango Spice – fresh chicken marinated in spicy chimichurri, then fried, sprinkled with paprika seasoning and a squeeze of tangy lime before serving.

Chock-full of flavours, chimichurri is a sauce that originated from Argentina; it’s a blend of freshly chopped greens mixed with chilli, onions and garlic. It’s balanced with tangy lime and addictive spiciness.


You can enjoy the KFC Tango Spice as an à la carte option at $3.65, or try any meal bundles that start from $8.95 for dine-in and takeaway. The Tango Spice 2 pcs Meal includes two pieces of Tango Spice, a regular serving of Whipped Potato, Coleslaw and Sjora Mango Peach for $8.95.

The Tango Spice 2 pcs Box includes two Tango Spice Chicken pieces, two pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders, one regular Whipped Potato, Fries and Sjora Mango Peach for $10.95.

The Tango Spice 5 pc Meal includes five Tango Spice Chicken pieces, two regular Whipped Potato, two regular Coleslaw and two regular Sjora Mango Peach for $19.95.


The Tango Spice Sharing Feast includes 8 pieces of Tango Spice Chicken, 8 pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders, 9 pieces of Chicken Nuggets and 3 medium Whipped Potato for $36.95.

KFC Tango Spice is available at all KFC restaurants, except Singapore Polytechnic and Singapore Zoo. Prices and meal bundles vary at selected restaurants and for KFC Delivery.