The Comically Charming Cockman Strikes!

Batman, Spider-Man, the Wolfman–and yet we’ve overlooked the humble cock. Certainly unforgivable.

A chicken from another dimension wanders about and finds itself stranded on earth. But due to the vibrational incompatibility of Earth with its ethereal form, it ends up manifesting into a human form called Cockman. The book is a comedy adventure led by the atrocious anti-heroic titular character and the outrageous cast of clowns unwillingly swept alongside him for the ride. Together, they bring a hilarious lowbrow charm into this indie gem of a graphic novel unlike any other!

Yes, that is the official synopsis of Singaporean comic creator Kenfoo’s latest. And if it hasn’t already amused, amazed, or outright befuddled you into reading it, you just might be dead inside… or, perhaps, your sanity means more to you than mine does to me.

Simply put, Cockman follows the titular character on a series of seemingly random misadventures. From hijink to hijink, there seems to be very fine a thread as to what holds the whopping 354-pages of inanity together. It can even be argued that I have had to coin the singular ‘hijink’ just to get my point across.

But, do not mistake any of this as a negative thing. In an era of comic book tales being oversaturated with universe-spanning tales of mandatory reading just to understand why some not-fowl-related-man has a new costume, Cockman delivers a series of tales with very unpromising potential for such convoluted storytelling–much like this paragraph-long sentence!

In the still-occupied-by-rational-thinking part of my brain, I do wonder how Cockman might be received by a more modern audience. While I am all for proper representation and respectful depiction of people, Cockman’s agenda is a clear cut throwback to the days of blatant “good ol’ fashioned B.S.” and it excels at doing so.

Between the antihero satire, and the self-declared “lowbrow idiocy” at “full blast,” Cockman’s intentionally offensive humour and characters are endearingly harmless. And, if I were wont to overinterpret, it says more about the people who’d proudly embody the ideas of Cockman… without the satire.

For many, Cockman is an almost nostalgic return to the strip-driven era of local comic tales, where the punchline mattered more than the larger picture. And it succeeds at that, delivering a mix of laughs, chuckles, and the occasional raised eyebrow… which may be by design given how low the brow generally sits for Cockman!

Between Cockman, Chiral ComicsThe World, My Arena Vol. 2, and even (my) Crimson Star from earlier this year, it’s been a pleasant return to Singapore-made comics. And all that more appropriate considering the reprisal of Singapore Comic Con!

Cockman, written and illustrated by Kenfoo, is available at WHSmith and Kinokuniya! Just use the given link to buy it online… it’s not a good idea to Google ‘Cockman.’ Don’t say we never warn.

(And, nope, we’re not making anything from sale of this comic.)