KEF LS50 Wireless – A Complete And Fully Active System For Everyone

The KEF LS50 Wireless, a complete and fully active music system, shares the same winning acoustic features of the amazing LS50. However, LS50 Wireless is much more and enables the user to easily enjoy excellent music reproduction by putting together a system based on high quality separate components.

Six years ago, the LS50 passive speakers were introduced at KEF’s 50th anniversary. Now, with the LS50 Wireless Bluetooth system, KEF has developed a complete, fully active, system that retains all the acoustic features and benefits of LS50 with everything built in to allow a multitude of connectivity needs.

LS50 Wireless delivers smooth and detailed sound that creates an intense, rich and multi-dimensional soundstage experience, made possible by expert acoustic design and state-of-the-art technologies. Despite its small enclosure, the wireless pair will deliver a sweet spot listening experience regardless where you sit in a room. This is due to KEF’s patented Uni-Q technology that allows the speaker to create three-dimensional sound image, for your ultimate listening pleasure.

The FEA-designed cabinet, Uni-Q driver, constrained layer damping bracing, precision-made curved baffle and the elliptical flexible sound port, all part of the LS50 pedigree, are retained. These features prevent cabinet vibrations, enhance radiating sound, and reduce resonances and colouration.

Audiophiles would say that the LS50 Wireless incorporates an end-to-end 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path, a dedicated DAC per channel, a streaming pre-amplifier and factory-optimised amplification in a bi-amp dual mono configuration (200 + 30 watts per speaker). Combined with a time-correcting DSP crossover, the incredible award-winning sound of Uni-Q is taken to the next level. I just say that it sounds bloody good.

Simplicity and elegant, the LS50 Wireless is easy to set up and use, yet offers sophisticated audio profiles that allow audiophiles to configure and tweak to their ears’ content, or simple steps to configure the system via an app for those of us that want to get to listening great music now.

The LS50 Wireless is a total music system with a comprehensive range of connection options available – 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec, Asynchronous USB Type B input, TOSLINK Optical and RCA Phono. That basically means that if you have it, it’ll likely connect.

A dedicated app for LS50 Wireless, available on both IOS and Android, enhances the user experience during network setup, music streaming, playback, and control. The app also includes 3 user levels of customisable EQ settings for personal music preference.

KEF LS50 Wireless Bluetooth speaker set will be available in 3 colour options: Titanium Grey/Red, Gloss Black/Blue, and Gloss White/Copper at SGD3,299 including GST from mid April 2017 onwards.

In Singapore, the LS50 Wireless will be retailing exclusively at KEF Singapore flagship store, CK Tangs (Orchard), and Robinsons Singapore.

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