Ep 7: justsaying with Mong Chin @Mongabong

Mong Chin, also known as @mongabong, began her career with blogging as a hobby. As an avid reader of fashion and beauty blogs in her secondary school days, honest and organic reviews of products always spoke to her best as she relied on their reviews before shopping.

This led to her starting her own blog where she reviewed products that she personally had good experiences with.

Today, with over 255,000 followers on Instagram and 88,000 subscribers on YouTube, Mong Chin is one of the top beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencers in Singapore. A big believer that beauty and fashion go hand in hand and one truly compliments the other, she is known to create engaging beauty and fashion content on her channels and is a well-respected voice and guide for her followers.

THEFACESHOP, a leading Korean beauty brand, kicks off the #EcoBeautySquad Campaign, a nationwide search for a new star in Singapore – of which, Mong Chin will be the Campaign Mentor.

She will share her first hand experiences and knowledge of being in the industry; and the tough but necessary lessons she has learnt. By explaining and being transparent on what goes on “behind the scenes” she will give new insights into the ways of creating fun, engaging, exciting and unique content for the participants followers.

We chat with Mong Chin about her start as a content creator, the current social media landscape and what contestants can expect from the campaign.

Aspiring social media stars can join the Singapore Campaign – #EcoBeautySquadSG at .