The Justice League Come Together!

Easily one of the most anticipated movies of the year (maybe second only to Star Wars Episode 8), the Justice League trailer has finally arrived, offering the first real glimpse of the five heroes United!

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Well, this is it, the beginning of my emotional roller coaster. I remember how hyped I was for both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman before being let down by the sheer stupidity of bother movies. However, I take some hope in the fact that David Goyer had no involvement in Justice League, and WB finally hired some actual talent to work on this movie.

The accompanying power also features the five heroes alongside each other. I’m guessing we’ll get some promo material featuring Superman (and maybe even Green Lantern?).

Honestly, between Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and Jason Momoa as Aquaman, I’m already debating with myself as to which one’s gonna be my favourite… assuming the movie doesn’t just crumble.

Additionally, there were also 5 individual Unite the League teaser trailers:

Can. NOT. WAIT!!

I hope it doesn’t suck.

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