BREAKING: Justice League Trailer at SDCC

Since the announcement of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the arrival of a Justice League movie was an inevitability only some time away.

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And the time has come for the first trailer for the movie:

Accompanying the trailer is a first look image at the roster of the team and, shocker, it includes Superman (further making the fiasco known as Batman V Superman all the more unnecessary). Also included are all the logos of the heroes that Lex Luthor painstakingly doodled and designed between sips of Granny’s Peach Tea.

While the trailer is pretty awesome, let’s not all forget how many great trailer the aforementioned BVS delivered before taking a dump on the DC mythology and comics books, barely salvageable despite the noble attempts of Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons, and Gal Gadot.

We’ll probably get to see a lot more in the upcoming months, so till then I’d suggest being more excited for Wonder Woman given the lack of involvement from Team BVS on that.