SDCC 2017 Unveils Brand New Justice League Trailer!

The San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), which is currently happening over the weekend, has released an extended look at the upcoming Justice League film!

Given the inclusion of Themyscira and reports regarding Whedon’s rewrites of the film, it can be assumed that this trailer’s scenes includes some really new footage fresh off the reshoots.

While not much is given about the story, what we do know is that the DC heroes will be facing off against Steppenwolf–uncle and general to eventual Thanos-equivalent, Darkseid.

While not much has been shown of Green Lantern and Superman (other than leaked images of the latter), Steppenwolf’s line “No Lanterns… No Kryptonian…” is an indication that the emerald gladiators not only exist, but are already a known force.

Also unveiled were a banner and poster of the five leading Justice Leaguers with some pretty intense Alex Ross influence to their look.

Other announcements included the confirmation of development for a Wonder Woman sequel, screened footage for 2018’s Aquaman, and a title for The Flash movie: Flashpoint.

With the recent success of Wonder Woman (who is still kicking all kinds of ass in theatres), and the lack of David Goyer, things are looking pretty positive for Justice League. Perhaps Marvel may finally have some quality competition…

And, hopefully, Steppenwolf’s mother isn’t named Martha.