IZA Teams-Up with The Skewer Bar for an Awesome Fusion Menu

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The Good
Bacon wrapped lychee skewers are insanely brilliant
One of the more affordable restaurants in the area
The Bad
Hae Bee Hiam dishes were a let down


Usually, when I think of fusion food, I’m already 90% sure gonna be disappointing. However, I’m glad to say that IZA belongs in the minority of fusion restaurants, offering really delicious Singaporean-Japanese dishes at really affordable prices.

IZA is an izakaya bar/restaurant that has teamed up with The Skewer Bar to provide delicious kushiyaki, dons as well as an array of fusion dishes sure to satisfy even the pickiest of customers.

The menu itself has several fusion dishes where Singaporean staples get a small but distinct Japanese twist like Otah Tamago or Hae Bee Hiam Onigiri. I like that even though its fusion it’s only a slight change and doesn’t make the dish lose any of its homegrown personality. For those who don’t like fusion flat out can also choose to have the skewers or normal dishes like Unagi Don or Whole Seabass with Home-made Chilli.

One thing I truly do admire is that they pride themselves on being affordable and true enough their menu is priced very reasonably. You aren’t going to break the bank with $7 Chicken Teriyaki dons and $2-$3 skewers. Their bar menu is really affordable too with really get prices and a plethora of drinks from Yamazaki Whisky to Roku Gin, you could definitely get your alcohol fix there as well.

Now, on to the most important part, the food, we tried a few dishes and it’s safe to say that most of the dishes we tasted were superb except for the Hae Bee Hiam dishes that for some reason had too much of a charred taste where it was bordering the line of being burnt or dried out.

Out of all the dishes we tried, there were 2 dishes that really stood out for me, the first being the Four-Ton Chawanmushi, never in my life have I ever said I enjoyed a chawanmushi dish but this just blew me away with the blend of salted, century, quail and traditional chicken eggs which were just a perfect mix of everything so none of the tastes overpowered the other but instead worked together in harmony providing and immense mouthful of flavour.

The other dish is a very simple but honestly one of the most brilliant dishes I’ve ever tried, a bacon-wrapped lychee skewer, which I know sounds way too simple, but the flavour of it just works, the sweetness of the lychee coats over the overpowering saltiness of the bacon strip and, honestly, it was a really enlightening experience on simple but amazing.

All in all, IZA is a fantastic place to enjoy fusion cuisine and its affordability is a great plus point. If you want to experience a refreshing take on fusion food or just want to enjoy some really good skewers I highly recommend IZA as your next culinary destination.

IZA is open Monday to Sunday from 6pm-1am at
695 East Coast Rd, Singapore 459059.

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