Review: Pixar’s Inside Out – Prepare to Feel Them Feelings

Effects... It's Pixar!
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For Joy!
I’ve already said this is the best movie of the year--what else could I possibly add to that?
For Sadness…
-1 point to Humour for what a downer some scenes can be…
Aw, who am I kidding those were perfect, too.

With the exceptions of 2006 and 2011, Pixar’s movies have generally been the best movies of the years they are released. Having first worked their magic on audiences around the world with Toy Story twenty years ago in 1995, Pixar has time and again shown that they understand what makes a person want to cry themselves to sleep… erm, I meant “…understand what makes for a good movie.”

Okay, fine, Pixar movies are bloody tearjerkers and Inside Out is no different.

Taking those voices in your head literally, Inside Out is an amazingly crafted exploration of the internal conflicts of adolescence that not only makes sense but almost seems like the logical answer to everything you have ever felt.

Armed with a stellar voice featuring the likes of Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, Bill Hader and Richard Kind, Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen’s story perfectly plays out the emotional turmoil and confusion plaguing the mind of a kid growing up.

While the plot is progressive and simple, it masterfully gives way to the thought put into mapping out the intricacies of our emotions without ever falling into the trap of being excessively corny or childish. Exploring the deepest recesses of our minds, Inside Out somehow makes you want to feel sad… and be happy about it. Like most of Pixar’s other movies, it succeeds in reaching out to the audience’s inner-child.

With half of Pixar’s movies having been sequels in the last 5 years (and at least another four out of seven in the next 5 years) fans have been understandably worried that the studio may have run out of original concepts.

Thankfully, Inside Out deftly allays those concerns with an approach that not only offers closure but also shows that not all set-ups for sequels are a bad thing.

Special mention has to be made of Richard Kind’s acting as Bing Bong. While Kind always tends to end up in bit parts and supporting roles, his acting here allows him to easily steal the show.

In fact, Bing Bong’s probably the next Olaf… ‘cept with character development, progress, and a real contribution to the events of an actually awesome movie.

Yeah, so I’m not exactly a fan of Frozen. Whatever, let it go.

Between the brilliant story, spot on script and acting, and uncanny representation of people’s insides (that sounds a lot worse than I intended), Inside Out is a must-have experience.

Unless you’re dead inside and don’t have a soul.

For those of you people with souls, Pixar’s Inside Out opens islandwide on the 27th of August.

Also, oh my god this exists!