IAHGames and Daylight Studios Launch Free Action RPG – Conquest Age

Recently I was invited to attend the launch of Singapore’s very own IAHGames and Daylight Studios’ latest offering Conquest Age and Spirit Horizon for smartphones. While I was there, I was able to have a go at Conquest Age and truthfully, it’s pretty decent.Now most gamers will be familiar with IAHGames, well known as the publisher, operator and distributor in the region of favorites such as Counter Strike Online, FIFA Online 2 and Grand Theft Auto V. This is the first time they have teamed up with Daylight Studios, a promising local mobile game developer whose first foray into the market won the hearts of over 1 million in South East Asia with ‘Reign of Heroes’.Daylight - IAHgames logos

This is the first time we are launching made-in-Singapore mobile game titles. With our extensive network of 37 million gamers in Southeast Asia, we are well-poised to bring locally created games successfully to the regional markets. – Mr. Jonathan Sze, Director of Games Management, IAHGames

We are very excited to be launching Conquest Age and Spirit Horizon with IAHGames… It took Daylight Studios’ team of 20 some 14 months to develop these two games, which will be made publicly available today (27 November 2013) across the region’s key markets, starting with Singapore and Malaysia. – Mr. Don Sim, Co-founder and CEO, Daylight Studios

Conquest Age can be downloaded from the iTunes store for FREE by following this link.

My first impressions of Conquest Age was that’s not all that intuitive – but then again this is not meant for your very casual gamer and Daylight Studios claim that it’s meant for the midcore to hardcore gamer – and after playing for a while I can see why.

You choose one of three warriors types – an Assassin/Rogue-type, Warrior/Fighter-type or a Barbarian. The game features a unique, real-time battle system in which you must time your actions carefully. The game features hundreds of weapons and armor of varying rarities, which you can forge or claim as rewards.

You can challenge other players in the PvP Battle Arena and of course link it to Facebook and invite your friends to bolster your strength, and secure victory in the weekly Arena Championships where you get the chance to acquire rare weapons and armor. The is also an in built chat system which players can use to seek guidance from others and team-up – pretty useful if you ask me.

While the game takes a little time to get used to, there is loads of potential. Character customization is a feature that I look out for particularly – which is unfortunately lacking. However, I found that once I got into the swing of things, it’s quite hard to put down and pretty enjoyable with lots of options available in terms of skills and weapon upgrades.So what does this mean for the gaming development scene in Singapore? Mr. Sze believes that with the dramatic popularity in the usage of mobile devices there is opportunity for exponential growth in the mobile gaming space. If Conquest Age is a success, it might just set the stage for homegrown developers to release some quality games.

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