Hunted – You Can Run, But Can You Hide?

While I’ve never been the biggest fan of reality TV, the latest show on KIX, Hunted manages to entertain with a fresh new concept.

Much is made about how invasive technology can be. The argument for the need to have the ability to tap phones and maintain surveillance is one that has just as many champions and detractors. One thing we can agree on though is that it makes good TV. From shows such as the Blacklist and Homeland, we see examples of how technology can be used to protect, as well as cause harm. Hunted, puts the techniques used by professionals under the microscope as we see how easy it is to find someone… and also, how easy it is to disappear.

Hunted follows nine teams of two in a real-life manhunt as they attempt to escape from a highly trained team that specializes in just that – hunting down fugitives through the use of technology and profiling. It is a nearly impossible task of disappearing in today’s digital world as highly skilled investigators combine state-of-the-art tracking methods with traditional tactics to pursue and catch them.

The fugitives are given an hour head start to get their things together and go on the run. If they successfully evade capture for 28 days, a grand prize of US$250,000 will be awarded to each team. A fitting prize seeing that they’ll be hunted by a very experienced ex-FBI officer, a cyber intelligence specialist, a former U.S. Marshal, a former CIO for the White house and a behavioral profiler that’s going to try and predict each team’s moves before they even make them.

I’ve had the opportunity to see the first couple of episodes and it’s certainly interesting to see the decisions and choices the teams make under pressure. It was no real surprise that the team with the most cushy background made the simplest of errors while those with more street-smarts send the professionals on a wild goose chase.

I personally feel that escape room designers, Lee and Hilmar, have the best chance. They think out of the box, and have that bit of irreverence about them that makes it entertaining. David and Emiley, an ex-con turned defense attorney and a Pastor’s daughter, look pretty strong as well, but makes me wonder if their relationship can stand the test and stress.

Hunted is definitely an enjoyable watch and will keep you interested, not just to see the techniques the pros use to track people down, but to see the mistakes people make when under stress and on the run.

HUNTED runs every Wednesday at 9pm on KIX (Singtel TV Ch 309 and Starhbu Ch 518).