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Hunted Offers a Glimpse of EA’s Star Wars: Squadrons

The CG short is set just before the events of the upcoming Star Wars game

Star Wars: Squadrons is set to hit consoles on the 2nd of October. But till then, Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and EA have fans covered.

Occuring before the events of the upcoming video game, Hunted is a CG short that follows Imperial pilot Varko Grey in the wake of another failed mission after the destruction of the second Death Star. It’s one of the few pieces of linear Star Wars storytelling that’s told from the Empire’s point of view and makes the audience feel strangely sympathetic for Varko, as the pilot risks his own life to save a squadmate, finds himself left behind by his commander, and leads his enemy through canyons on a never-before-seen planet, Var-Shaa, in an effort to survive.

Set in the days of the Galactic Empire’s rapid collapse, Star Wars: Squadrons explores the subversion of the galaxy’s power dynamics.

The power dynamic has flipped on its head. And to do that, it felt like putting yourself in the shoes of an Imperial pilot would be an interesting way to flesh out that perspective.

– Neel Upadhye, Director of Hunted

Work on Hunted began in March 2020, the result of a TIE fighter-sized itch Upadhye wanted to scratch. He pitched the concept of a “dogfight movie” to Ian Frazier, creative director of Squadrons, Jo Berry, senior writer of Squadrons, along with others at EA, and then the Lucasfilm Games team and the Lucasfilm Story Group.

As we were getting closer to launch, we felt like we could benefit from doing something big and exciting that would just remind Star Wars fans out there how awesome it is to fly around in an X-wing and an A-wing, and reignite the love for the dogfight fantasy again.

– Neel Upadhye, Director of Hunted

There’s also a gameplay trailer if you were still on the fence about actually getting the game:

Star Wars: Squadrons arrives October 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is available for pre-order now.

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