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If ever you wondered to yourself, “How hungry must Galactus be to want to eat a whole planet?” ponder no more—Hungry Heroes is here with the answer.

Of the many striking features you meet upon entering the restaurant (and, trust me, there are many) the one that really stood out to me was the waiter’s offer to show us around the restaurant… followed by a “So, are you a DC or a Marvel?” Having arrived with fellow Justsayer Kyle, the waiter had himself a fan of each to impress during the tour… which, while succinct, was lengthened by Kyle’s and my insistence on halting at almost every display to over analyse the way only geeks can.

Display 1
Featuring an eclectic mix of official posters, pop and fan art, superhero busts and statues—both scaled and life-size—and, a display case of re-painted toy guns worthy of being placed in the background of the inevitable Matrix remake, the only question that remained on our minds was, “how’s the food?”

Well equipped with punny names with a geek twist (e.g., “Meat Fury’s Signature Pork Ribs” and “Johnny’s Inferno Pork Ribs”), the dishes carried a clear cut message: meat is good, salads are sides. Basically, my kinda restaurant.

The Steak-out 2
Having been joined by Zed, and feeling especially bold, we ordered ourselves The Steak-out, a platter with a ribeye, pulled pork, a full rack of pork ribs, the sausage trio, a de-boned chicken leg, beef stew and veal osso bucco. Given the quantity of meat, one would expect this meal to fill the bellies of at least 5-6 men (as the menu recommends) but we at justsaying.asia are of no mere mettle—with an added serving of fried chicken wings and mac & cheese, we wiped clean our plates and sat victorious… if not a little bloated.

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While a common criticism of such platters would be the compromised integrity of the individual items, The Steak-out not only suffered no such drawback but also featured (for the first time) pulled pork* so savoury and rich that it stole the show from the usual stars—the beef and veal. However, I could have used less of the pork ribs (perhaps half-rack would suffice) and greater portions of the steak or pulled pork would have been better appreciated.

All-in-all, the combined experience of seating amidst the regal statues and pop-culture art accompanied by incredibly well-made dishes is something I already look forward to re-living.

Where Avengers Dine
Do note that while the menu is easily found for download on Hungry Heroes’ site, it has undergone some revision since (the craft beer section has been updated to include a detailed list) and there are some new names in the final, in-restaurant version.

*The Pulled Pork is also available as a sandwich!

Hungry Heroes is located at 33 Tessensohn Road, and is only a 5 minute walk from Farrer Park MRT Station. For more details, check out their Facebook page.