Hooters Sets Sail In Singapore… at The Sail!

Booze, wings, and hot women in short shorts. Does a place like this even exist in Singapore? Well guess what, I’ve found a slice of Nirvana here in Singapore: Hooters restaurant at the Sail.

If you’ve been to the hooters at Clarke Quay before and been disappointed, don’t despair you’re not alone. A new group has opened up a new franchise at The Sail next to the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) with some of the most obvious differences in both staff and menu.

Let’s start with the menu. While you have your usual fare of wings and sandwiches, it’s the attention to detail that separates this franchise. And it helps that they have new sauces ranging from the mild–like teriyaki–to the spicy 911 sauce and, my personal favourite, chili crab.

Now, one can not simply live off of wings alone (I speak from experience) so the sliders are a great main. They have both beef and chicken with your choice of sauce and come served with some of the best deep fried onion strings I’ve ever tasted.

Pairing up a meal with the right beer is essential for a bros’ night out. If you’re caught sipping a martini with an umbrella at a Hooters by your bros, then your man card should be taken away (and I don’t know you)… although I did drink the margarita ahich was awesome. Lucky for your membership to my yet-to-be-established man club, they have a pretty good beer list which includes not only local favourites like Tiger and Heineken but also craft beers.

Wings and Shrimp come in different flavours… including chilli crab

An outstanding one for me would be the Singapore ale with its nice calamansi-bitter taste at the end. Now I can’t speak for the other beers on tap as when I was invited to experience them myself, they ran out of beer. This  is blasphemy I know, and if I’m ever invited back to experience the rest of the beer menu, I’ll let you guys know how good or bad it is.

For the non beer drinkers the margarita is the way to go. Both sweet and strong with the taste of tequila, this is a no brainer.

One item on the menu which wasn’t really to my liking though was the calamari rings. They are covered with semolina flour and then deep fried. The taste of the flour used is a bit too salty for my taste, but if dipped in a sauce, it’s not too bad. I’d recommend giving this a miss unless you really enjoy overly salty stuff.

Slide them sliders into your belly

Another cool thing about this new Hooters is that while their wings and beers may be foreign and exotic, the girls are all home-brewed–an active initiative by the management to employ local service staff. If you’ve lived here long enough, you will realise this is a rarity. The level of skill and personal attention the waitresses give is outstanding. What really makes an experience is the wait staff and the servers here are top notch.

Speaking of which, they are holding a competition. Spot a Hooters girl in the street and take a pic with them, post on Instagram, tag Hooters SG Marina Bay, and a friend and you both get a free beer. Competition runs for about a month.

Snap a pic with a Hooters Girl and win prizes

So if you’re looking for a good place for a few drinks and some eats, or just a night out with the boys, then Hooters at the Sail is the way to go. Just get there before they run out of beer.