HOOQ committed to producing 100 more HOOQ Originals in 2019

HOOQ, Asia’s largest video-on-demand service, has announced its commitment to develop no less than 100 new HOOQ Originals from an extensive range of content creators and filmmakers by the end of 2019.

To be produced across HOOQ territories, including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India, new HOOQ Originals will drastically expand upon HOOQ’s current library of original content, and will span the full spectrum of content genres – from horror to comedy, factual to lifestyle. Operating in such a diverse market, covering different tastes, cultural and social nuances, and languages, HOOQ aims to ensure that the broad range of consumers in the region have access to high-quality, engaging content, all in one place.

Since the launch of Critical Eleven in September 2017, the first-ever HOOQ Original from Indonesia, HOOQ Originals have amassed an impressive following, boasting great popularity across the region. Original content to date has enjoyed incredible support from HOOQ users, who are embracing more diverse storylines and more content from across the region.

There is an increasing demand for high-quality entertainment in developing and emerging markets to tell the stories that resonate with those in the region. Whether it’s the latest local and regional stories, or Hollywood and international, we’re investing more to bring HOOQ users the most engaging storylines, immersive narratives and exemplary productions that will not only challenge conventions, but also captivate their attention and imagination. We are super excited to bring them even more shows and films that we’re sure they’ll love.
– Jennifer Batty, Chief Content Officer of HOOQ

As well as developing content across genres, HOOQ will also invest in creating more HOOQ Originals for its newly enhanced “freemium” layer, which was recently rolled out across Southeast Asia and has rapidly grown in popularity. Through HOOQ’s understanding of consumers in Southeast Asia, HOOQ launched its freemium layer to offer consumers access to entertainment via free channels on HOOQ, completely for free.

In addition to bringing more HOOQ Originals across the territories, HOOQ also announced the winner of the second HOOQ Filmmakers Guild programme. Singapore’s entry in the HOOQ Filmmakers Guild, She’s a Terrorist and I Love Her was the preferred choice by a panel of film and entertainment judges from across Southeast Asia including Mouly Surya from Indonesia, Manet Dayrit from the Philippines and Adisorn Tresirikasem from Thailand, as well HOOQ users across the region.

She’s a Terrorist And I Love Her went up against four other pilots including, Klenix from Indonesia, Lucky Girl and Split Second from Thailand, and Babi! from Malaysia.

Created by Terence Chea and Haresh Tilani of the popular comedy brand, Ministry of Funny, She’s A Terrorist And I Love Her stars highly talented breakout actors from Singapore including Haresh Tilani, Alexis Sueann, Noah Yap, Farah Lola, Tiffany Gnanaraj and Jacky Ng.

I am very excited to announce the winning entry of the second HOOQ Filmmakers Guild this year, and would like to thank all the filmmakers, production teams and judges who have been involved in this journey. The response from HOOQ users to this year’s Filmmaker’s Guild finalists has been incredible, and is a true testament to the abundance of creative talent in Asia. All five films delivered on the panache and ambition that we want to bring to every Original Production. HOOQ is committed to uncover the true gems of Asian filmmaking, and that’s why we are very pleased to helm a third season of the Guild. We look forward to elevating and working with, the best creatives in our region and producing more stories from Asia, for Asia.
– Bryan Seah, Head of Original Productions, HOOQ

Taking inspiration from their own witty brand of comedy, Terence and Haresh’s, She’s A Terrorist And I Love Her is a dark comedy about a down-on-his-luck man who’s going through a number of personal and financial woes. Chased by a gang of millennial loan-sharks, he enters a sham marriage to make a “quick buck”, only to find out that his new “wife” is an extremist, hell-bent on wreaking havoc in Singapore. With true love as his only weapon, it’s a battle to win the “heart and mind” of his new “wife” to stop a potential terror attack and save himself from being “kaya-ed and fed to the fishes.”

To kick things off, HOOQ announced the upcoming release of Bhak, the inaugural winner of the first-ever HOOQ Filmmakers Guild, launches on HOOQ today across the region, with new episodes launching every Thursday.

Inspired by real-life events, the colorful dramedy from aspiring filmmakers Arjun Chatterjee and Shreyom Ghosh, Bhak is loosely based on their experience trying to break into the bowels of the Bollywood film industry.

Bhak tells the tale of two ambitious, young filmmakers who, after being rejected by Bollywood, decide to take matters into their own hands. From stalking a celeb (badly) to working on an adult film set, there’s nothing the boys won’t do to get their beloved film script made – leading to a vicious, hilarious roller-coaster ride of frustration, passion, betrayal, and the love of Indian cinema.

The first episode of BHAK is available on HOOQ now, with episode two launching on 25th April and new episodes premiering every Thursday.

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