Hive 2.0: The Future of Retail Innovation Unveiled at Esplanade Xchange

In a significant leap towards futuristic retail, Stellar Lifestyle, a subsidiary of SMRT, has unveiled Hive 2.0 at Esplanade Xchange. The cutting-edge retail innovation hub, inaugurated by Ms. Low Yen Ling, Minister of State for Trade and Industry & Culture, Community and Youth, is set to redefine the shopping experience with its emphasis on automation, robotics, and digital solutions.

Spanning 3,200 sq ft within Esplanade MRT station, Hive 2.0 showcases approximately 10 unique retail experiences. This platform is a testament to Stellar Lifestyle’s vision of integrating technology in retail, enhancing the space’s vibrancy, and providing novel commuter experiences. The hub predominantly features innovations from emerging local startups, offering a glimpse into the future of retail.

“Hive by Stellar Lifestyle supports SMEs by fostering and validating innovative ideas. With Hive 2.0, we’re harnessing AI, robotics, and connected networks to boost operational resilience for our merchant partners,” said Tony Heng, President of Stellar Lifestyle.

“These innovations, tailored to our extensive rail network, aim to offer unique in-store experiences and convenience for consumers. The potential for scalability across the train network signifies SMRT’s dedication to moving people and enhancing lifestyles.”

A highlight of Hive 2.0 is the introduction of Singapore’s first self-checkout store by 7-Eleven, featuring autonomous robots for delivery.


These robots, capable of navigating common spaces, security gantries, and lifts, will service office workers at South Beach Development, delivering orders placed via the QuikBot app. This innovative delivery system uses a mix of larger and smaller robots for efficient logistics, marking a first in Singapore for autonomous navigation in public corridors between Esplanade MRT and South Beach Tower.

Additional features include a sizable robotic retail dispensing machine by Mr. R Robotics, and a showcase of local brands curated by Yzel, a space aggregator. Yzel offers a unique pop-up sampling solution, allowing merchants to present their products in curated retail spaces on a short-term basis.

The Hive concept, initially launched in 2022, connects Stellar Lifestyle with its tenants and technology partners, fostering a vibrant tech ecosystem. Hive 2.0 introduces a fresh lineup of startups and partners from the Stellarate Innovation program. Other innovative concepts include 7-Eleven Shop & Go, Singapore’s first automated self-checkout store in an MRT Station, leveraging AI for a frictionless shopping experience.

Soon, commuters will also enjoy ordering bubble tea on the train and collecting it from JAVIS, a robot bubble tea store at Hive 2.0.

The technologies showcased at Hive 2.0 aim to enhance business efficiency for retailers, addressing challenges like rising workforce and logistic costs, while simultaneously offering unique retail experiences to commuters.


Stellar Lifestyle’s approach to developing solutions at Hive 2.0 underscores its commitment to supporting retail partners, benefiting the local community, and transforming MRT station retail spaces into dynamic lifestyle destinations.

This is part of a broader initiative to reimagine existing spaces, integrate new technologies, and create new commuter experiences, as seen in other Stellar Lifestyle projects like the expansive Timezone at Orchard Xchange and the vibrant Dhoby Xchange bazaar.

Hive 2.0’s retail and technology partners include:

  • 7-Eleven Shop & Go: A first-of-its-kind autonomous store in Singapore.
  • QuikBot: Specializing in “Autonomous Final-mile Delivery Platform-as-a-Service.”
  • Mr.R Robotics: Singapore’s first adaptive robotics retail store.
  • Yzel: An AI-powered pop-up sampling solution for local brands.
  • IncuBaker: An F&B incubator with a co-working kitchen and studio.
  • The Gym Pod: A private, on-demand gym for health-conscious commuters.
  • Le Tach Vending: Intelligent vending machines offering a range of products.
  • Tap Tiles: Harvesting clean energy and data from kinetic floor tiles.
  • BuzzAR: An AI-powered virtual assistant for shopping guidance.
  • JAVIS: A fully automated bubble tea store.
  • NOYES: An automated nano-warehousing solution for retailers.

Hive 2.0 signifies a stride towards transforming everyday spaces into engaging, technologically advanced environments, enhancing the everyday lives of Singaporeans.