Historia – The Mythical Mobile Board Game ‘Soft-Launched’ on Google Play

GAMEVIL has announced the release of Historia, an interactive mobile board game in which players travel through ancient worlds to complete missions, collect items and combat mythical creatures. In order to embark on their quests, players must recruit, train, and strengthen a team of heroes found in Greek mythology, Arthurian legend, English folklore, Egyptian religion, and world history.

With over 300 stages spanning legendary cities such as Troy, Athens and Camelot and 100 collectible characters including Hercules, Odysseus, Merlin, Anubis, Attila and Joan of Arc, Historia takes players on an adventure through factual and fabled time and history.


The game uses a strategic dice control system where players can attempt to land on specific spaces containing specialty items, in-game currency or battle challenges. When faced with a battle challenge, players are transported to a classic turn-based battle arena, where they can customize their tactics by setting their team’s formation and placing tanks, damage dealers and healers on the field.


Historia is currently available on Google Play in fourteen countries: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Kuwait, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

The game is scheduled to launch worldwide on iOS and Android in April 2015.

Download Historia on Google Play today in select countries!


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