Heir of Light – Immerse Yourself in the world of Gothic

Heir of Light, the latest mobile RPG by Gamevil, is one of the most engaging games with a Gothic setting.

Heir of Light introduces an epic battle against the traitor Enoch set in a kingdom of shadow, where players from around the world can discover and embark on an ominous journey to become the nextHeir of Light in order to save the enchanted realm of Usher.

The gothic setting is perfectly recreated via the stunning graphics, which makes you slow down just to admire the ancient religious architecture of the magical cathedrals, cemeteries and the battlefields in the game. You may encounter the characters within solemn dark costumes, somewhat affected from Western aristocratic rigidity, with mysterious faces hiding inner secret.

Both the 3D models and the sound effects applied to them are quite impressive. It’s one of those games where you plug into the wall while you play and your battery meter slinks downward anyway. A veritable hand-warmer for cold nights.

Players will not have to walk alone in this dark and bizarre world. You can form a crusade from a pool of 5 masters and over 100 servants, while strategically building teams with different roles and responsibilities to take on the enemies in your way. Besides the elemental and Rune system, the Mark system is one of the significant feature in Heir of Light. Every servant has their own Mark, you have to team your Master with servants of the same Mark to unleash the strongest skills and Combo skills.

The in-game World Map is pretty unique as well. Every dungeon and game mode can be viewed on the World Map. You and your team will have to fight the monsters to unlock all of them in order to collect materials for upgrading, and evolving your characters. Heir of Light has an intense 3 vs 3 PvP mode where winners will own the land tile on the map until they are defeated by other players.

In this dark and horrifying world, sometimes you can’t help but smile because of the fairly funny dialogue between characters in-game. And that’s the reason why a Gothic fantasy RPG like Heir of Light only be rated 12+ on Google Play and Apple Store.

This time, GAMEVIL and FUNFLOW have delivered to us an exciting mobile RPG that combines both skill and strategy for rewarding gameplay. Join in the Gothic world of Heir of Light now!

You can download game from the link below: for Android or iOS.

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