Happy Plugs Launches Fashionable Wireless Speakers For Your Home

Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand Happy Plugs proudly presents its new flagship products – Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini, two wireless speakers that fuse state-of-the-art technology and minimalistic Swedish design with the ability to personalise your speakers with the latest fashions and interior design trends.

Happy Plugs was born in 2011 and has reached global success by transforming headphones and mobile accessories into fashion accessories. With the launch of Happy Plugs Sound Piece, the Stockholm based company brings interior design to consumer electronics.

The speakers’ elegant features and sleek design make it a classic interior design piece, but with a twist. The speakers are the first of its kind to offer individual customisation – the grills are available in multiple designs and can easily be replaced by hand with another colour or style.

“The Happy Plugs Sound Piece concept was born from the challenges of finding electronic sound devices that fit your individual home and furniture perfectly. All of our other products have been created to suit the mood, style and personality of our customers so when we created Sound Piece, we wanted the speakers to suit the interior of their home. Colour sets the mood for your room and the colour you choose is really about what you would like the room to feel like. Now there’s a really easy way to alter that mood,” says Andreas Vural, President and founder of Happy Plugs.

Sound Piece

The Sound Piece is an essential centrepiece in your home, serving both as a music centre and design item. With the power to be the primary sound source in your living room without taking over with wires or a clumsy design, this speaker will become an elevated “it” feature in your home.

The Sound Piece Mini is your perfect on-the-go speaker, an attractive and compact portable speaker ideal for travelling and days of leisure. With the built-in microphone, the Sound Piece Mini also functions as a conference speaker and speakerphone. The battery has a lifespan of up to 14.5 hours with the extra feature of an emergency power bank, allowing for smartphone charging at any location or on-the-go.

Sound Piece Mini

“Sound should be seen just as much as it is heard, and our new Sound Piece concept shows that hi-fi products can be both stylish and decorative, not just hard, black boxes,” continues Andreas Vural.

Sound Piece Grills

While the Happy Plugs Sound Piece(s) definitely look good, are they all style and no substance? Far from it. We were pleasantly surprised when we first heard the Sound Piece fill the room with Avicii’s tunes. The Sound Piece Mini was equally impressive and had no trouble belting Adele’s latest tracks in an open-air space. First impressions – two thumbs up… especially when you consider the price point.

The Happy Plugs Sound Piece and Sound Piece Mini are retailing at $329 and $139, respectively. Each speaker comes with the signature black grill and new exchangeable grills are available in the same colours and styles as the existing Happy Plugs design portfolio and will be sold through Atlas E-store and selected resellers.

For more information, visit www.soundpiece.sg.