Happy Death Day – More than just Scream Meets Groundhog Day

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Only Good Party On The Block
Perfect use of humour and character development breathes new life into the genre
Very dislikable main character at the beginning works out perfectly towards the end
The presence of actual plot progression
Something Borrowed
The reason for why Tree's stuck in this situation goes unexplained... but not at much of a cost
Occasional, very minor continuity slip-ups with make up/wardrobe

Happy Death Day is a lot more than “Groundhog Day meets Scream,” as every online review has labeled it.

In the case of a gripping, cheap-to-produce, mish-mash of premises (such as with Happy Death Day) it’s completely understandable if you’ve already assumed that the movie’s trash. Well, surprise, it’s your birthday! Blumhouse is finally back with punch-packing, good game.

Happy Death Day fuses the talents of director Christopher Landon and comic book writer Scott Lobdell to deliver a surprising, humorous, suspenseful take on slasher flicks. Led by La La Land’s Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard, the film relies entirely on great character writing and development as opposed to cashing in on the more common slasher flick trend of casting big names in hopes of cashing in on star power.

This casting choice seems to have been the result of a meticulous decision given that the film once had Megan Fox attached to it with Michael Bay set to produce. While I’m sure many regret not having been able to catch yet another brilliant Fox-Bay collaboration, I dare say we received the superior product. The movie quite possibly achieves its most ideal form of execution, the stars of the show being the team’s willingness to blend genres and the use of a fitting cast.

Coupled with an unexpectedly sharp sense of humour that strengthens the movie’s approach to an otherwise bloated and ridiculous genre, Happy Death Day easily rises above all of its slasher brethren and delivers a movie that can be enjoyed without having to sacrifice very much intelligence. Plot choices are wise and an excessive use of terrorizing chase scenes is avoided. Don’t run from this one just because you dislike horror.

Happy Death Day is now out in all theatres and totally worth catching… before it catches you…

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