7 Places to Party So Hard This Halloween, You’d Be Terrified

So Halloween’s around the corner and it’s time to start worrying about where to go – as if lacking costume ideas isn’t worrying enough. This is an understandable agony, because spending hours dressing to kill (literally) only to end up at a lacklustre party or event is just going to leave you feeling dead (in a bad, non-Halloweeny way).

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Whether you’re looking for a good scare just a good party this Halloween, here are 7 promising events that you can attend where the only thing you need to be afraid of, is good ol’ Halloween fun.

[divider]1919 GHOST SHIP – The Boathouse of Bane[/divider]
Wait, a fuckin’ boathouse?! Well, kind of – the building is perched on the seafront near the entrance of Singapore River.

1919 Waterboat House and its salvage crew is looking to give you a hell of a Halloween experience with WICKED drink combos, as you spend your night playing Death Knell chuck games and floating to hellish beats. The ship promises an unsettlingly wonderful ambience with ghoulish projections and a view that overlooks Marina Bay and the CBD skyline.

If you haven’t chickened out, try to outlast everybody else at this last-man-standing party that begins at 7pm, and happens only twice, on the 28th and 29th of October.
Entry is free for anyone who comes dressed, and $20 for the unprepared. Entry comes with one drink.

[divider]Singapore Halloween Pub Crawl 2016[/divider]
Explanation required?

You know the drill: One night. Three clubs. Many scares. More drinks.

Brace yourself for the biggest, baddest crawl with a surge of ghouls, free drinks at each venue, and UNHOLY party buses with even MORE shots. If that doesn’t convince you, the club that this crawl entitles you to are F. Club, Baliza and Skyline Club and Lounge, all of which are guaranteed to exhilarate you.

What more can I say?

The Singapore Halloween Pub Crawl happens on 29th October 2016, from 7.30pm to 11.30pm. Entry is $50 or $55 at the door. Dress to make the devil tremble, anything goes.

[divider]Atlantis Fright Night[/divider]
Looking for something to do this weekend? Like, I mean, right now?

One of Singapore’s favourite EDM music festivals is back to scare you out your wits with a twist, after smashing success with its headlining festival this year. Experience EDM the way you never have before as you rave with 4,000 other people at Siloso Beach, to the killer beats of local DJs so popular the demons would wake to horn-bang to them.

There’s nothing more to say about this, the success of Atlantis is its ramming guarantee. Apparently music festivals are a thing now, so go do your thing at this big, sexy, wicked (and slightly less scary) thing!

CLAWS UP LADIES, you get free entry before 10pm if you register. If you have The Ladies Card, you get free entry before 10pm and free flow house pours from 6-9pm!

Prove you’re bad at Atlantis Fright Night on 22 October from 6pm till late. Entry at the door is $50, and comes with a complimentary drink and three hours of free flow.

[divider]Halloween In The Tropics: Vampire Night[/divider]
This year, Bar Canary’s shedding its chipper exterior to get downright nasty. Prove yourself worthy of the vamps by trying your hand at a free ‘Trick or Treat’ Beer Pong table, and winning devilish drinks all night.

Be sure to go prepared with a set of suave dance moves, as you groove to DJ SoulRocka’s spooktacular reggae and soul, and maybe even take part in the Dracula dance-off that’s lined up. If you don’t win anything, the drinks that start at $10 should be enough to keep the sun away as you party alongside a stunning poolside view of Orchard Boulevard.

The party on 29th October (Saturday) begins at 7pm and ends late.

Entry is free for everyone, whether you’re dressed or not!!!

[divider]Sky CarnEVIL: Penthouse of Peril[/divider]
If clowns and sky bars are your thing, then challenge yourself to survive a night at the Penthouse of Peril. Held at Empire, expect to trap yourself in the midst of a morbidly terrifying circus troop 45 levels above ground. If you think it can’t be that bad, then think again.

Think killer clowns, masks of perpetual smiling faces that are just a hair’s breadth away from terror wrapping into sinister doing. At the Sky CarnEVIL, you have nowhere to run as you experience HELL on air. Be sure to get freaky – if you’re dressed well enough, you’ll win a bottle of MUMM BRUT to numb yourself of fright.

Sky CarnEVIL by Empire at Singapore Land Tower is open for doom on the nights of 28th and 29th of October.

Get yourself entry and a complimentary drink at $25, or for free if you’re dressed.

[divider]Retox Pool Party: Halloween Edition[/divider]
A true mark of evil is a lack of cowardice. Ditch your fear of the sunlight and flaunt your deadly charm at this all-day pool party at One Degree 15 Marina! Put your thought into freaky beach wear at the Halloween edition of this monthly pool party, as it conjures a sinful line of drink deals and music on the decks by some of the most wicked guest DJs from your favourite clubs!

Retox is also borrowing some fun from F Club, Baliza and Skyline, so it looks like you’re in for a day of glamorous, tasteful fun. If you ever wanted to sing the seduction of an evil mermaid, now’s your time to dazzle.

Get ready for a splashin’ good time at One Degree 15 Marina on 30th of October (Sunday) from 11am to 10pm. Holler if you think the wicke(n)d never ends!

[divider]Thriller Carnival Feat. Bounce Squad x Alias[/divider]
It’s time for some boogey, man! Club Aryaa presents a night of classy horror set in a dilapidated amusement park, known only to put blameless souls in delirious fright.

Leave your expectations for gaud at the door, because the Thriller Carnival and its fire dancers vow to give you a good time as you dance through a night of Hiphop, Twerk, and R&B by notoriously energetic DJ duo, Bounce Squad.

The night’s promotions are just as infernal, with a $35 free-flow deal on Asahi beer*, $1 bloody shooters* and even make-up services at $15* if you don’t trust yourself with a brush.

If you want debonair, then go get it at Aryaa on 29th October at 8.30pm! The carnival expects a line, so don’t hesitate to send an SMS (96189844) – we promise it’s not an evil scam number.

*The free-flow promotion on beer lasts from 8.30 pm to 10.30pm. It comes with complimentary entry to the club, as well as free make-up for the first 30 sign-ups!)
*$1 shooters will be sold from 8.30 pm to 10.30pm
*Make-up services will be provided till 12am.