Hail HYDRAGUN! A Massage Gun that Could be Essential for your Workout and Recovery

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Great build
Intuitive and easy to use
Different attachments target different muscle groups
Definitely effective
Not the cheapest

Overnight, the whole world shut down and our lives changed. It forced a lot of us to be a lot more sedentary than we had ever been. Heading back to a more active lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing to do and recovery can be a pain…. literally. Enter the Hydragun Massage gun – a tool that will help your recovery and might even become a workout essential.

I used to easily clock about 15,000 steps a day just getting into the office and back. However, the moment I started working from home, I saw that number drop from 15,000 to 4,000. You’re just not as active as you used to be anymore. And when you start trying to get back to a fitter lifestyle, you realize you’re not as fit as you used to be and recovery times between sessions are definitely longer.

When the folks at Hydragun sent us their massage gun, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Typically, we take about two weeks to put something through its tests, but with the Hydragun massage gun, we took about six weeks or so because we wanted to see as well how good it really was. I feel that if you want to judge something, especially when you’re talking about physical fitness and muscle recovery, you need an extended period of time.

I’m not a professional athlete – nowhere close to being one. So how would something like this help me? After we were allowed to head out again (if you’re reading this in the future, or just passing through in your TARDIS, 2020 was the rear of the Lockdown), you realize that your fitness level and recovery rate drops a lot.

I thought I had a pretty decent recovery rate. Typically I could play football every other day, but as COVID hit and I didn’t even get my daily steps in, once a week was starting to get tough. My calves and lower back ached and it lasted for days. After using the Hydragun though, recovery was so much faster and I felt the difference the very next day.

So let’s talk a little bit about the Hydragun. It looks very sleek and generally not very different in the basic shape of most massage guns. However, there are obvious differennces.

When we unbox or open anything, one of the things that I always look for is the quality of its case. The Hydragun comes in a pretty impressive carrying case, which stores all six attachments that come with it – molded to fit and snug.

I believe that the carrying case is one of the easy indicators that a product is made well and of good quality. There are many times where I feel that the manufacturers, or whoever designed the product should have assigned a little bit more funds, and thought to it. Chances are, it might not necessarily be a bad product, but it doesn’t give me all that much confidence when the packaging that it comes in, especially the ones that’s meant to protect it for the long term, isn’t properly thought about.

But if I get, equipment that has good quality storage and a carrying case, I’m more inclined to think that it is of better quality. It’s something that will last for a while because when they designed it, they cared enough to develop something that their customers could store it properly in.

While it’s not a 100 percent guarantee that it’s going to be a great product, when you’ve got a good carrying or storage case, but I think the chances are higher that if someone’s designed a product and they’ve invested some money in the storage cases for you, it’s probably going to be a better product compared to one where they didn’t.

When we look at the hydrogen’s design and build, it looks very modern and it’s made from aerospace grade aluminum. So it’s very sturdy, but light and easy to use. The Hydragun runs at about 3200 RPM’s, and comes with the six attachments that have different uses based on the different muscle groups that you might want to target. Push in the attachment. Press a button to activate. It is super intuitive.

With that one button, you can go across the six different speed levels up to 3200 rpm. Even at its highest speed level, it is extremely quiet.

The Hydragun goes at about SGD 399 which is a decent price for the quality that you get. If you check out the Hydragun website, you can see that it’s been endorsed by quite a few former and current professional athletes.

I don’t usually fall for celebrity endorsements, but part of me thinks that while it’s great that pro athletes use the Hydragun, it’s probably even more useful for someone like me – an enthusiast and not a professional. Someone who has never been conditioned, or trained like an elite machine. It’s definitely helped me and my recovery.

The HYDRAGUN is a high-quality therapy device that suits the needs of fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life, loaded with industry-leading features and available at a competitive retail price.