GrabJobs- The Answer To Part-Time Staffing

Ask almost anyone in the F&B, retail or event management industries and they’ll tell you that one of the biggest problems they face is hiring reliable part-time staff. GrabJobs (www.GrabJobs.co), a new mobile app, is ready to tackle that very problem.

To cater to the demand for reliable and capable part-timers, Emmanuel Crouy, Mark Melo and Ke Liang co-founded review app GrabJobs which was launched two months ago. A first in Singapore, GrabJobs’ objective is to offer a rating and review system for each part-timer that completes a job with a designated employer.

“One of the major pain points of the F&B industry in Singapore is finding reliable staff,” says Emmanuel Crouy, co-founder of GrabJobs who has investments in several F&B establishments and understands the predicament that the industry faces with regards to hiring part-timers. “With this new app, every employer who engages a part-timer will review their performance once their assignment is completed.”

Job seekers can view available jobs in real time and filter them by type of industry, schedule, salary and location. Upon receiving applications for a job posted on the app, employers are able to filter out non-performing part-timers based on reviews and ratings, along with other filters such as years of experience and visa status.

But how do you keep service levels up? Well, GrabJobs incentivizes part-timers to perform better by offering cash bonuses when part-timers complete five jobs that are rated positively. This is a unique feature of GrabJobs, which similar apps in the market currently do not offer.

The system works for both employers and job seekers – not only does it enable employers to hire reliable staff quickly, but it also enables part-timers to make more money than they normally would when they perform well.

Another key feature of the app is the automatic reposting of jobs when a staff cancels. “Another pain point for employers is staff not showing up for work” says Emmanuel Crouy.

GrabJobs tackles this issue with regular notifications sent to hired Part-Timers reminding them of their upcoming job. In the event that they cancel it, the job is automatically reposted on behalf of the employer, allowing them to find an immediate replacement.

There are currently over 6,000 restaurants in Singapore and this number is set to keep growing. Mark Melo, co-founder of GrabJobs says, “One of the major issues we see in the F&B and Events industries is staff retention and there isn’t an effective solution for the industry to resolve staffing issues. If a restaurant needed to resolve a staffing issue immediately, they would be limited to using a job board, which can get costly, or rely only on their own personal networks. In addition Job boards only work effectively if restaurants have lead-time in knowing they need extra manpower. It is this gap in the market that sparked the idea to create GrabJobs.”

While still pretty new in the market, the signs have been encouraging. There have been more than 2500 registered part-timers, with an average age of 25 years. Also a very sizable portion are locals (92%) with a good split between males (54%) and females (46%).

There are also more than 180 prospective employers that have signed up, in addition to notable names such as Starbucks, Salad Stop, Muddy Murphy’s Group, Brotzeit, Drinks & Co, Mex Out and Movenpick Heritage Hotel.

With the app now launched in Singapore, Emmanuel, Mark and Ke see big potential for it to grow regionally in countries such as Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong that have a vast and dynamic FB and Events scene.

Singapore based companies and job seekers can now download the app for . The Apple iOS version is currently in development and launching in March.