Good luck to you, Leo Grande – An Awakening for Sexual Awakening Flicks

Refreshing story
Sharp dialogue
Addresses multiples issues about sex without appearing to do too much
Compelling performance by the actors
Those who prefer ‘straight-to-action’

In recent years, we’ve seen a spike in films and tv shows championing body positivity, but for some reason, they seem to only uplift younger people. What about our senior folks? Their journeys with body acceptance deserve representation too!

Good luck to you, Leo Grande is potentially an older women’s Black Panther, bringing to light issues they face with body image and sexual fulfilment.

Emma Thompson stars as a widow and former teacher, who has lived a life devoid of sexual satisfaction and seeks to rekindle this with the help of a dreamy sex worker, Leo Grande, played by Daryl McCormack.

For a movie that’s about sex, Good luck to you, Leo Grande is very dialogue-heavy, with the two leads having long (and relevant) conversations about sex work, body positivity, ageism…and orgasm.

Director Sophie Hyde is aware of the film’s potential to turn dull — which you’ve probably seen in films with non-stop talking — and she overcomes this easily by using writer Katy Brand’s writing to perfection, elevating every moment in the film with her sharp and hilarious lines.

The film’s dialogues are also what makes it so loveable. Its humour felt natural, never compromising on depth, and its commitment to being thoroughly frank and non-judgemental about sex is refreshing — all of this brought to life by the leads’ authentic performances that are the icing on the cake.

Despite being a film about sexual awakening, the beautiful irony about Good luck to you, Leo Grande, is that it isn’t actually erotic. It’s wholesome, educational, and funny. It’s the perfect watch if you’re looking for a truly unique experience on the big screen.