Ghostbusters – 8 Spooks they Should Bust

To celebrate the Ghosbusters 30th Anniversary, and to pay tribute to the late Harold Ramis, I’ve come up with a list of 8 Ghosts that I never want to see again! They seriously freak me out.

The Ghostbusters, for me, was one of those shows that did almost everything right. It’s such a classic. Even now if I come across it as I’m flipping channels, I would probably watch it till the end.

Released on June 8th 1984, it grossed $13.6 million dollars on its opening weekend, and $23 million in its first week, setting studio records at that time.

Now, many people are afraid of ghosts (ME!) but what happens when the scariest of them all (and we’re talking across pop culture) face the Ghostbusters?

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Here’s my list of 8 spooks that the Ghostbusters should face.

[divider]Freddy Kruger of Nightmare on Elm Street[/divider]

Haunting dreams since 1984, Freddy Krueger is more than just a horrifying ghoul–he’s easily one of the most iconic faces (or the lack thereof) in the horror genre to ever hit the world.

On the top ten list for most prominent people in the world for the past for the past 40 years, Michael Jackson was named 4th right before Freddy Krueger himself. Written and Directed by Wes Craven, The film grossed $25 MILLION DOLLARS.

Freddy made millions of kids worldwide afraid to sleep and afraid to dream – the fright, the horror, the stuff of legend. Please Ghostbusters, get rid of him!!!

[divider]Pazuzu, Demon from the Exorcist [/divider]


In 1973, William Peter Blatty wrote an outstanding masterpiece about a girl possessed by one of the most vicious demons in the world, Pazuzu. We know that iconic film as the Exorcist, but it wasn’t the movie or the demon that was scary.

It was the fact that it was inspired by a real life case of Roland Doe, a 14 year old boy suffering from demonic possession and the account of a desperate mother trying to win him back.

Head turning 360 degrees, crawling on all fours backwards down the stairs, the face, the teeth, the horror. It is a demon the Ghostbusters need to face!

[divider]Pennywise from Stephen King’s It[/divider]


Anyone who knows me, who really, really knows me, knows that there are 3 things I am truly terrified of – flying cockroaches, the unknown sea, and CLOWNS! I HATE CLOWNS! Now one of the many reasons why I hate Clowns brewed from one story – Stephen King’s It.

This was the one story that horrified me as a kid. And knowing that he actually ATE kids was just something I could not get over. Played by Tim Curry, Pennywise delivered nightmares to kids and adults alike all over the world. Can you think of something scarier for the Ghostbusters to capture than a killer clown.

[divider]Lipstick Face Demon in Insidious[/divider]


He’s actually known as the ‘Lipstick Face Demon’. How freaking freaky is that?

Actor Joseph Bishara was outstanding as Lipstick Face. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, please go watch Insidious to get the scare of your life.

Revolving around a boy who enters a comatose state and becomes a vessel for ghosts in an astral dimension–one of which is this freaky, vicious and just outright scary being–the Lipstick Face Demon wreaks havok on his family.

[divider]Christine The Car[/divider]


What would you get if you merged John Carpenter with Stephen King? Well, probably, the meanest, baddest car you’ll ever meet. Wheels that kill and have a life of their own. How? Why? These are things only the Ghostbusters can explain. I would say Christine would be their most extreme possession project.

“Egon! We’ve got a case. There’s a red and white 1958 Plymouth Belvedere killing people….. there’s no driver. I think it might be possessed.

That or they just may hire her as the new Ecto 1.

[divider]Bughuul from Sinister[/divider]


Bughuul, eater of children, manifested from the minds of Scott Derickson and Robert Cargil. How scary is it when you are just cursed to see a demon that eats children’s souls and keeps them… I seem to have a recurring issue with demons who eat children, don’t I?

For those of you who have not watched Sinister, go…. now. I guarantee you you’ll be scared. One of the best American horror shows in recent times – ’cause lets face it, there hasn’t been any other good ones lately.

[divider]Solomon Grundy from DC Comics[/divider]


I had to put him in just because he would make a good villain for the Ghostbusters.

Murdered and disposed of in the Gotham swamps, Cyrus Gold’s corpse was reanimated some fifty years later sans memory, sentience, and grammar.

When asked of his name, all he recalls is that he was “Born on a Monday” and from them on, the nursery rhyme of Solomon Grundy is recited, inspiring Cyrus’ new persona.

With superhuman strength, an extensive healing factor, near invulnerability and immortality, Grundy makes a perfect villain for the Ghostbusters.

[divider]Sadako from The Ring[/divider]


No, not the American remake, I’m talking ’bout the JAPANESE ONE!

That’s right, the one where the lady crawls out from the TV to terrorize your very soul. If you didn’t already know – seriously….where have you been – The Ring tells the tale about a cursed videotape recorded in Izu which is fabled to bear the curse that kills the viewer seven days after watching.

Sadako versus the Ghostbusters? Well, my money is Venkman trying to hit on her first.

[divider]Thank you, Ghostbusters![/divider]

Whatever the case, whoever the spook…. Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston, you guys gave us something special. We always knew who to call when there was something strange in the neighbourhood. Thank you!

Gozer: [after Ray orders her to re-locate] Are you a God?[Ray looks at Peter, who nods]

Dr Ray Stantz: No.

Gozer: Then… DIE!

[Lightning flies from her fingers, driving the Ghostbusters to the edge of the roof and almost off; people below scream]

Winston Zeddemore: Ray, when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say “YES”!