Brands Mocktails

Get through the World Cup with Brands Mocktails

Once every 4 years The FIFA World Cup rises from slumber and heralds sleepless nights and lethargic mornings – especially in this part of the world where matches are played in the wee hours. Bars and pubs open till late (or should I say early), a sharp rise in coffee intake (oh happy happy Starbucks) and let’s not even mention the rise in MCs – I wonder if doctors will get in on this with a ‘team’ discount – come in groups of 3 and get 20% off the consultancy charges!

There’s just something magical about the competition that brings the football fan out of everyone – even those who would not normally be interested in the game. The motivation for support usually varies – some because of  family ties to the country, maybe its some money riding on the match, the best looking footballers (yes ladies, I mean you), the nicest looking jerseys or just a reason to celebrate – everyone’s getting caught up in the festivities.

As part of the events celebrating the World Cup, a few of us (Bruce, Morgan and myself) were invited to a screening of Holland vs Spain at St. James Power Station. The event marked the beginning of BRAND’S GAME ON. As the Football Fever reaches it’s highs Brand’s will have activities planned for every football fan (and non-fan) to keep him or her going beyond the games!

What impressed me were the Mocktails that Brands developed to keep attendees charged through the wee morning. Personally, I’d had a really long day and as exciting as the match itself was (the Dutch gave the Spaniards a good hiding) keeping up and alert till 5am was a challenge. I’ve been trying to keep away from energy drinks so an alternative was really welcome. I have to say the ‘Halftime Breezer’ did give a me that added push to get through the second-half.

[divider]The Mocktails[/divider]

120ml Sprite
10ml Grenadine syrup
30ml BRAND’S InnerShine RubyCollagen

Halftime Breezer
Half Rockglass Soda water
15ml Lime Juice
30ml BRAND’S InnerShine Berry Essence

Game Changer
60ml Orange Juice
30ml Lime Juice
15ml BRAND’S® Essence of Chicken

Do check out www.brandsgameon.com.sg for more details on this campaign and get involved in the social media contests that will be run over the next month with more great prizes to be won!

So remember to keep hashtagging #BRANDSGameON!