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War of Crown – Mobile Strategy RPG Released Globally

Strategy RPG War of Crown is now available worldwide for App Store and Google Play. Produced by GAMEVIL and developed by ASONE GAMES, War of Crown offers strategy enthusiasts refined tactical gameplay, real-time PVP and a strong story campaign.

War of Crown takes place in a world where the Death Guard Army has ravaged the land as a result of their pursuit of the Crown of Greed. It is up to Eshirite, his Elven friend Lyilis and their leader Arendel to defeat them and bring an end to a horrifying war once and for all.

War of Crown focuses on delivering an uncompromised strategy RPG gameplay experience on mobile. Fans of the genre will appreciate the degree of control and the amount of tactical options available. Players can easily manipulate each aspect of battle including the camera with simple touch controls.

Each battlefield is comprised of rich-looking environments, and the wide-ranging designs of each level give both allies and foes a chance to seize victory. In every battle, players will need to form teams of varying classes, elemental attributes and skills in order to win. Every unit and their skills are beautifully animated to improve the overall gameplay experience.

Competitive players will be able to battle one another in real time. War of Crown’s player-versus-player battles are completely synchronous, and players will be able to join matches smoothly because of War of Crown’s optimized server technology. Before the start of the match, each player will have a chance to form their team and then go head-to-head. There is a ranking system where participants will receive rewards based on their ranking.