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Gamestart 2018 Reinvents Their Own Wheel!

GameStart 2018 is back, and prepare to be blown away by its impressive line-up. Fancy fighting games, or want to put your skills to the test to win prizes? Find them all at GameStart 2018! In commemoration of its 5th anniversary, here are five things to look out for at GameStart!

GameStart launches its masterclasses this year, where international gaming heavyweights have been brought in to share their knowledge on the making of games. Whether you want to tell a better story, or to design a character that not only kicks ass but looks good while doing it, there is no better way to do so than to join a Masterclass!

SEA Major 2018
Singapore’s longest running e-sports tournament is back, and bigger than ever! 10 different games will make an appearance, with old favourites such as Street Fighter V, Tekken, and Dragonball FigherZ. Shadowverse, Japan’s #1 digital card game, makes its debut at the event as well. Keep a lookout for numerous international stars to make a debut, including fighting game legends Daigo, Justin Wong, and of course, home-grown hero Xian!

The Gauntlet
The GameStart Gauntlet is making a return, with its own signature game, GameStart Pixel Battle kicking things off with new levels and characters! Take part in four different games, and blow high scores away to earn attractive prizes!

Lego DC Super-Villains
Lego DC Super-Villains, the newest addition to Lego’s impressive array of superhero games, will be at GameStart! The first Lego game to fully focus on the villains, there is no better time to be bad. Purchasing the game at GameStart will allow you to unlock fan-favourite characters from the DC Comics’ movies and shows, and an exclusive Lex Luthor Lego figurine!

Team Resurgence
Singapore’s premier e-sports organisation boasts an impressive array of players and achievements, with numerous regional and world titles in the short one-year span that they have been around. Prepare to fanboy hard with their exclusive merchandise such as jerseys and key-chains of the players!

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