Freeing SG

Freeing SG – Set Yourself Free

So you think you’re a regular (or irregular) Sherlock? Fancy that you can solve just about any mystery and your wits are sharper than a Ginsu knife? Well put your skills to the test at Freeing SG and escape in 45mins.

Based on the popular “Freeing HK” model – the first reality room escape game in Hong Kong – Freeing SG gives players the experience of a lifetime as they rack their brains to escape a “real-life” situation. Inspired by virtual “Escape Room” video games and web-based browser games, Freeing SG takes the experience further by immersing players in a physical reality to solve puzzles first hand.

“Singaporeans find life too boring, too pressured, too dull, too monotonous. They need a bit of entertainment to escape this life. Freeing SG is like being inside of a movie or a video game – a great way to break out from boring old activities”
Mr. John Teng, GM of Freeing SG

I have to admit, my team did not complete within the time limit… and there were quite a few more puzzles to go as well. The puzzles are not impossible but not exactly plain to see as well. There’s a good mix of what you can take literally and what’s conceptual.

Freeing SG’s current line up of four rooms – The Unforseeable Pyramid, Slilent Blood, Mission Incredible and the Painter’s Murder – will be expanded gradually in batches to a total 10 rooms by the end of October. Players will get to choose themed environments like horror or others where they have to solve a mysterious crime. Freeing SG will also have a dedicated Research and Development team to constantly update its entertainment offerings.

All in all it’s a great way to pit your analytical skills and teamwork. If you do finish it in time… hats of to you. Well done… it’s no simple feat.

Freeing SG

Level 7, Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thurs : 11am – 10pm (last game will be at 10pm)
Fri & Sat : 11am – 1am (last game will be at 12am)

Mon – Fri, before 5pm: $22 per person
Mon – Fri, after 5pm: $28 per person
Sat, Sun & PH: $28 per person