Free Comic Book Day and You!

On Saturday, 3rd May Comic Shops around Singapore…. and THE WORLD will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). Now some of you may be familiar with Free Comic Book Day, If you’re not, take my hand and let’s enter the world of Geekdom. But if you don’t trust me… see what Stan Lee has to say in the video above.

Free comics are as good as breakfast at night, Vanessa Hudgens (really… I think she’s hot…. Stop judging me!) or watching the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy… It is a genuine high.

But before we go into that, why comics? Well, here are a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s exciting! Imagine watching your favorite Korean drama (for you girls out there) or your favorite TV drama (Lost, Alias, Buffy) but in a world of static pictures and speech bubbles. It literally feels the same way – twist and turns at every corner, new characters dying and old ones coming back… Oh the list goes on!… and you’ll never miss a conversation point.
  2. It takes you into the world of imagination and creativity. Leave the world and escape to somewhere exciting!
  3. The best thing of all, is to imagine what is happening in your head, how the characters are feeling, brining life to them in your head…..the possibilities are endless. Give life and representation to the characters in a way only you can. You’ll be surprised by the emotions static pictures can evoke and the depths they can pull you into.

What better way to jump into Comics than during Free Comic Book Day. TOP 3 facts you should know about Free Comic Book Day!

It really is a massive event!

On the first Saturday of May, at least 2000 retailers in 30 countries give away more than 12 MILLION ( that’s right… You heard me!) comics away for FREE. Crunching those numbers will explain how this event is just so massive. Some comic shops even have artists coming down for exclusive signings, cosplayers running around like you won’t believe and even carnival like competitions for the family to enjoy. It’s a great time to celebrate your inner geek!

The comics are free… Really… Take it

As a comic shop owner, I’ve got people asking me what happens on free comic book day. It is as what it says… Believe it or not we WANT to give you free comics. Not because we want to clear stock, or because those titles are not selling, or because we’re closing down ( dear god I hope not!) but we want to show our gratitude to the people that support us. It’s also the perfect platform for NEW readers to dive in (or if you’re already collecting maybe trying a different title). It’s all our pleasure giving you those comics! So make use of it besides using it for your cat to piss on… Read it, embrace it…. It’s a thrill reading comics!

What comics are we talking about here?

From Spider-Man to Superman, from My little pony to Sonic the Headgehog… Heck…. SMURFS! There are several titles for you to choose from. If I were you, I’d head down to my local comic shop and ask them what titles they’re bringing in. So pick up those that your interested in, not what your reading currently. Free comic book day gives you a chance to pick up something new!

So ladies and gentlemen, you know what the event is, you know the dates and you know what to expect. So what are you waiting for? Free comics are going to be given out… Get information from your local comic shops about what they are doing on the day and if possible… Go to ALL of them (Singapore small lah!) embrace the geekness and who knows… You might truly love it.

So don’t forget to check in with your local retailer and celebrate with us.

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) by Atom Comics at The Cathay

Join me and the justsaying.asia crew for Free Comic Book Day by Atom Comics at The Cathay  from 1pm to 6pm where we will have lots of comics to give away!

We’ve got Artists coming down, free nail painting and gaming consoles set up and a Heroclix demonstration and get the newly released Amazing Spider-Man #1 at a special price!

We’re also showcasing art pieces by the kids from Canossian School and raising funds as well. Read more about what we did with Canossian here.

So pop by… it’s gonna be AMAZING!