Foo Fighters – The Band That Trolled The World

Foo Fighters, one of the cornerstones of Rock music might be breaking up – at least that what all signs pointed to.

When asked about the Foo Fighter’s plans for 2016, the iconic band’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, told Artisan News that the band are on an “ihateus” – which is Foo Fighters speak for an ‘indefinite hiatus’ and goes on to say that “I think the world needs a break from us for a little while.” (refer to the 5:11 mark in the interview below).

Hawkins’ interview, and ominous reports, about an ‘Official’ Foo Fighters announcement set fuel to the fire and the rumour mills were given a flammable match and were ready to strike – there was nothing, and then there was something.

Then, Dave Grohl performs (SOLO!) at the Oscars with an touching memoriam tribute reel to members of the industry who have passed on over the last year such as Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee, Alan Rickman, and most recently David Bowie.

With Grohl in the limelight, the time was ripe for the frontman to break those chains. The band made their official announcement by way of video:

All hail the Foo Fighters, the band that trolled the world!