New Rogue One Trailer Challenges What Star Wars is About

Of the many criticisms of Star Wars, a valid one has always been “Do these movies have anything to do with wars that aren’t Skywalker family fuck ups?”

Well, the answer is ‘no.’ However, with Rogue One we at least begin to see sides of the war that doesn’t have a Skywalker swinging a lightsaber or losing a hand… or both.

And, damn, these sides of war are truly… war-like.

While we certainly get a lot more of a look at the characters of the movie, especially some of Mads Mikkelsen. But I dare say the real star of the show was none other than the dark lord himself:


Of course this isn’t the first time we’re hearing of, or even seeing, Lord Vader’s involvement in the movie, but it is the first full shot of him which excites me for some reason.

Check out the first look we got of the Darth in this much more ominous trailer set to the Imperial March:


Truth be told, however, I expected the trailers to feature a lot less of Vader and keep his involvement and first fill appearance for the movie. But, hey, you can’t sell a Happy Meal without letting people know what toy they’re getting first.

Which is probably why we’re getting his very imposing presence on this poster:


Seriously: CANNOT. WAIT!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits the screens on 16th December 2016 and just might change the way we see the franchise that changed the way we see movies today.