Final Fantasy Type-0 HD XBOX ONE feature

FINAL FANTASY XV Episode Duscae included in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD XBOX ONE

BANDAI NAMCO Games Asia Pte Ltd announced that the upcoming FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ HD will be available this 17th March 2015 across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia for the Xbox One! All Day-1 copies of the game will come with FINAL FANTASY XV –EPISODE DUSCAE!

A high quality Xbox One re-master of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0, which was originally released in October 2011 for PSP, fans can enjoy upgraded visuals including highly detailed main character models, higher resolution graphics for menus and other 2D displays, and new lighting effects. Combined with the Xbox ONE’s next generation graphics capabilities, players can now experience the game in full HD.

Other additions include the ability to select difficulty levels and to adjust battle balance, making FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD a whole new experience even for those who have played the original game before.

Set in the world of Orience, where nations are at constant war over the crystals. Without warning, the Dominion of Rubrum is suddenly invaded by a neighboring country, and fate of the world is suddenly thrust upon 14 young warriors fighting to defend their nation – the Agito candidates, who are destined to become the Agito, the messiah of the world.

Players take control of the Agito candidates, highly skilled individuals excelling in different abilities and weapons. Fighting in parties of 3, face powerful opponents and terrifying monsters. Dodge enemy attacks, and strike enemies at their points of weakness using magic or weapons in fast and furious battles. You can also summon and control mighty eidolons to aid in battle – who are now more powerful than ever with improved summon duration and movement speed limits.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD XBOX ONE steelbook preorder

Pre-Order FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0™ at selected retailers to receive a limited edition steel book to go with your game. Details of retailers will be revealed nearer to date of launch. Watch out for news here on justsaying.asia or the BANDAI NAMCO Games Asia Facebook page.