FIFA 17 Introduces New Game Mode Powered By Frostbite

Recently EA revealed that FIFA 17 would be powered by the Frostbite engine. Leveraging on the new engine, EA has introduced EA SPORTS FIFA 17 The Journey, an all-new game mode powered by Frostbite, in which fans will live their story on and off the pitch as Premier League prospect, Alex Hunter who is looking to make his mark.

With sports games that release every year, we often ask ourselves, is it really going to be all that different? And then we give in to temptation and buy it anyway. We aren’t really doing ourselves, and the industry any favour. Complacency sets in and we get slightly tweaked versions of the same game year-on-year. Which is one of the reasons I refused to buy (with great self control) Football Manager 2016 – a franchise that I’ve been religiously playing since 1993. With EA’s switch to Frostbite, would FIFA 17 be nothing more than a graphical upgrade?

Thankfully, it looks like they’re doing a little more than just upgrading the graphics and using Frostbite to power a whole new game mode – The Journey. I’m a sucker for career/story modes and it looks like they’re moving in the right direction.

“We’re embracing the power of the Frostbite engine to bring a new immersive experience to the franchise and give fans the chance to live their football story through the life of a professional footballer,” said Nick Channon, Senior Producer. “The Journey delivers that with authenticity, character interactions, and your performance on the pitch which will dictate your story.”

The lead, Alex Hunter, hails from a paternal lineage of pro footballers and is on the road to building his personal legacy. Fans will meet new characters and navigate emotional highs and lows of their unique story arc through decisions off the pitch, their performance on it, and character interactions throughout the 2016/17 season while playing for any of the 20 Premier League clubs.

In addition, FIFA 17 will change the way players think and move, physically interact with opponents and execute in attack. While we haven’t quite seen for ourselves how it will run, early signs look promising.

FIFA 17 will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 27 in Asia and September 29 worldwide.