FAT FISH Familia is Back the 4th Strawberry Space

FAT FISH Familia is back with another round of spirit-rousing, body-shaking tunes with their 4th Strawberry Space.

The founders, Orio & Rocco started their musical journey in Jerusalem, their hometown, in 2001. Upon realising their love for sharing music, they decided to start FAT FISH Familia in 2013 and has since then jumped the globe, playing alongside the likes of Louie Vega, Nick Monaco, Wolf+Lamb, Red Axes Eric Volta, Roy Rosenfeld and Adi Shabbat.

FAT FISH has put in a lot of effort evolving and growing their little Familia. People who gather to watch them play are colourful, happy and looking for a good party.

It’s never a dull moment being amongst the crowd – dance, mix and mingle and share a laugh.

The venue is filled with creativity, from the themed decor to the visuals, and occasional mascots. It is vibrant, different and the visuals are never too in your face. Getting to some of their shows, however, isn’t so great.

With Strawberry Space usually held right smack in the middle of a Distripark, supplies are reasonably inconvenient to get. Imagine getting hungry and having to walk miles away… not ideal… So this year there’ll be food at the venue you can buy onsite, how neat!

The all-consuming music is another reason you should check strawberry space out. You can feel it in your toes, and most importantly your soul and it makes you want to have a little boogie. There is a certain kinda vibe I can’t entirely pinpoint that bounces around, but I keep going back excited for more.

Strawberry Space 4.0 takes place on the 6th of October, tickets are up for sale now! There will be tickets at the door, but it’s usually limited.

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