The End Is Fourever in Fantastic Four 645

Marvel’s First Family faces evil together for a final time before the ravages of Secret Wars hits the Marvel Universe.

In the main feature story of this oversized issue, the Fantastic Four have to defeat the Quiet Man and the corrupted forces of the Heroes Reborn universe while Johnny continues the battle to regain his lost powers.

Then, special guest writers and artists bring four additional stories, accompanied by a gallery of classic covers selected by the Fantastic Four’s iconic creative teams.

Fantastic Four #645
Written by James Robinson, Karl Kesel, Louise Simonson, Tom DeFalco and Jeff Parker
Art by Leonard Kirk, Joe Bennett, David Marquez, Tom Grummet and Pascal Campion
Cover by Leonard Kirk
Connecting Variant by Michael Golden
Spotlight Variant by Michael Komark
Avengers Variant by Pasqual Ferry
On Sale on 29th April 2015
Pre-orders can be done on Amazon.

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