Fans Who Pre-Register for Knight Slinger’s Update To Receive Rewards

Soar to new heights. GAMEVIL and COCOONBEAT are giving users an opportunity to sign up for Knight Slinger’s upcoming update through a special pre-registration promotion. Once the update is live globally, users can claim their rewards through the email they’ll receive.

The update will bring drastic changes and improvements to further enhance Knight Slinger’s unique fusion of RPG elements and creative touch mechanics. Adventurers will be able to transcend warriors to reach new levels of power. A jewelry system will supplement the transcended warriors and a seventh rune slot will also be available. Finally, a guild system is currently in development and is planned to be teased to the players.

Since its release, Knight Slinger has steadily attracted attention from mobile gamers who desired a new and different gameplay experience. By combining RPG and clever touch mechanics, an innovative style of gameplay was born. Each update has steadily improved Knight Slinger by adding loveable characters and new features such as the ‘Shadow Tower’ and extra ‘Adventure’ mode content. GAMEVIL hopes players will enjoy the update as they plan on improving the game in a manner that complements its addictive gameplay.

The pre-registration event will be available worldwide for both App Store and Google Play users. Players who sign up by entering their email address will receive one 4-5 Star Warrior Egg (A-S Grade), 500,000 Gold and 100 Starbles.

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