Fans Can Now Play Overwatch for Free at Cyber Cafes in Thailand

Soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and aspiring pro gamers from across Thailand will soon be able to join the fight for the future by starting their next Overwatch match from the comfort of their local cyber café! Blizzard Entertainment announced the Blizzard Café pilot program for Overwatch, set to begin 20 July 2017.

With the launch of the program, players at select cyber cafés across Thailand will be able to play Overwatch without purchasing the game. Players who join the battle from these locations will also enjoy an in-game 20% experience bonus, speeding up their in-game progression.

To help provide Thai Overwatch players with a great experience, Blizzard is teaming up with MOL Global, Inc. to bring the program to premium cyber cafés across Thailand.


Winner of more than 100 Game of the Year awards, Overwatch is a team-based shooter that features a diverse cast of 24 heroes—each with their own unique arsenal of extraordinary weapons and incredible abilities. As battles to capture and control objectives play out in exotic locations all over the world, players can switch between these heroes on the fly, adapting their team’s composition to the ever-changing state of the battlefield.

For more information on the Blizzard Café program in Thailand, visit www.BlizzardCafe.in.th.