Chendol Coffee Popsicles
Chendol Coffee Popsicles, presented by Allspice Institute

Exquisite Coffee, With A Cause at Cafédirect

Social causes and food or beverages do not often go well together. Many times, focusing on affordability or other things often also means having to compromise on the time that is put into ensuring the utmost quality or taste profiles. Cafédirect is an award-winning hot drink company that hails from the UK.

Monitored for quality by Q-graders, the company focuses primarily on noble fair trade. Over 50% of its profits are given to 280,000 growers across 12 countries. This way, Cafédirect works towards cultivating farming as a sustainable hobby that is especially attractive to women and children. The brand recently premiered its new packaging for its coffee that comes in three levels of intensity.

Cafédirect's Roasts - Justsaying.Asia

To prove the stellar quality of their coffee, the group teamed up with Allspice Institute to present a collection of dishes and drinks made with Cafédirect’s coffee. Varying intensities and flavors of the coffee were paired differently, depending on their aptness for each dish, giving an astounding experience.

I’m typically hard-pressed (yeah, I went there) on coffee sticking out like a sore thumb with food. My past experiences with coffee-infused food — while not unpleasant, have always left me feeling like the addition of coffee served absolutely no purpose, in that it mostly robbed the original dish of its intended flavor. This was a gratifying experience.

Coffee Tandoori Chicken
Coffee Tandoori Chicken, presented by Allspice Insitute

Indian food, in general, doesn’t often stinge on strong flavours, and the addition of another strong flavour would’ve been the last thing it needed. These Coffee Tandoori Chicken lollipops, were packed with less of a punch, and rightfully so. Paired with Cafédirect’s lightest Smooth blend, the chicken had a simple blend of spices and was smokily flavourful. Most importantly, the coffee didn’t overpower the dish, highlighting the chicken instead.

Coffee Udang, presented by Allspice Institute

Another highlight was the Coffee Udang. Much like the chicken, the coffee complemented the prawn meat seamlessly while not going over your coffee radar.

There was also an essential dessert spread. You can’t go colossally wrong with coffee and dessert, so there wasn’t any disappointment there.

Chendol Coffee Popsicles
Chendol Coffee Popsicles, presented by Allspice Institute

These popsicles were delightful, and the coffee was a brilliant addition to the local dessert favourite.

There would’ve been no better way to demonstrate and prove the differences in intensity with Cafédirect’s exquisite blends. With Cafédirect, you can be guaranteed you’re buying into a cause that will leave a lasting impression on your tongue.

Besides, their Q-Graders have hair worthy of Steve Rogers. There’s no other side you want to be on.

Cafedirect Q-Grader
Georgios Kokkalis, Q-Grader and Product Manager at Cafédirect