Essilor Embarks on a New Benchmark for Managing Eye Performance in the Digital Age

Powerful, complex and fragile, the eye is undeniably the most important sense organ for humans. The increased use of modern technology has transformed the demands on our eyes, creating the need for a new benchmark to better manage eye performance.

The constant shift of near-vision view between electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and hardcopy print material has given rise to different vision habits to accommodate the prolonged use of these devices and also to digital eye strain.

The Need to Better Manage Eye Performance

A survey by consultancy Ernst & Young (EY), released in February 2017, on the impact of digital devices – such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and video game consoles, revealed that Singaporeans spent almost 13 hours a day on average on digital devices.

New studies from the United States also reveal that with increasing dependence on digital devices, the average reading distance is now 33.8cm compared to 40cm in the past. The shorter reading distance predisposes individuals to greater eye strain. As such, more correction power is needed at a younger age.

In Singapore, data from the Health Promotion Board and Singapore National Eye Centre indicate that about 65% of children are myopic when they reach 12 years old, increasing to 80% when they reach adulthood (18 years old).

Myopia is not just a vision impairment or inconvenience that affects learning at school, playing sport or pursuing hobbies. High myopia increases the risks of degenerative eye conditions such as retinal detachment, cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. These risks are not mitigated by refractive surgery and can cause visual impairment or vision loss.

The increased dependence on smartphones leads to eye strain that can be a precursor to many other vision problems. It’s no surprise that the incidence of myopia is very high among the young in Singapore. For adults, we see that decrease in near vision quality is now starting as early as 37 years of age. Given an average life expectancy of 80 years, this premature onset of presbyopia means a person can be living with not-so-perfect near vision for almost half of their life! Importantly, there are many good solutions available to better manage myopia and presbyopia today, and people are not always well aware. Vision is such a vital part of one’s quality of life. Everyone should take a more proactive role in managing the performance of their eyes in the digital era today.
Kathy Park, Regional Vice President, Essilor ASEAN and Korea

A Strategic Partnership to Raise Awareness of Eye Health and Set New Benchmark

Together with Videre, Essilor is raising awareness by encouraging regular eye checks to determine vision health and providing appropriate solutions that are accessible to everyone. Its new benchmark for personalised eye performance includes differentiated journeys for patients to provide them with accurate and well-defined solutions.

This new benchmark encourages patients to embrace improved eye performance and graduate from their focus on eye wear.

Essilor is delighted that we have found in Videre a partner that is committed and invested in providing eye care and in reviewing the benchmark for better eye performance. Constantly solicited, the eye is vulnerable to many threats. It is therefore critical to protect it and prevent any defects and diseases that can occur during an individual’s life. Getting regular examinations and protecting the eyes are essential to managing your ‘vision’ capital. The demand for clear vision and the best eye performance that one can have is made possible with the help of eye care professionals and with the availability of the best-in-class range of instruments from Essilor.
Denis Chng, Country Manager, Essilor Malaysia and Singapore

A child taking an eye examination with the state-of-the-art WAM700plus by Essilor

We are extremely excited to be working with Essilor to bring this entire new benchmark for managing the performance of the eye. We want to raise awareness and encourage regular checks for our customers and we have identified three differentiated journeys. These journeys are customised to the needs of: 1. Children and Teenagers, 2. Millennials and Centennials, and 3. Xennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. We will help patients understand the journeys and offer them accurate, digitalised examinations that are interactive and always educational.
Francis Wong, Chief Executive Officer at W Optics who owns Videre

A Commitment to Providing Best-in-Class Solutions and Scoring Many Firsts

Patients can now experience a fully digitalized, comprehensive eye examination. Essilor’s state-of-the-art equipment provides faster, more accurate readings on not only your prescription, but also includes key indicators of eye health. Instead of going through multiple equipment which can take up to an hour in the past, our new 7-in-1 test will measure prescription, eye pressure, day and night vision etc, as well as quick screening for cataract in just 90 seconds.

Another unique approach at Videre will include a consultation with a lifestyle questionnaire to better understand individual vision needs. Combining these detailed eye test results and a better understanding of your lifestyle will facilitate a personalized vision solution just for you, whether it is lenses that help you see both near and far comfortably, or specially treated lenses to eliminate glare during night vision

During each differentiated journey, patients will experience the advantages of the new benchmark which encompasses many firsts for the industry. Among these are Essibox.com, a first in Asia, which provides connectivity and compiles all the patient’s test results onto one platform, for a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s vision health.

This facilitates recommendations for the most appropriate solution to meet the patient’s vision needs.

Another first in Asia is Essilor’s revolutionary Vision-R 800 phoropter. For more than 100 years, subjective refraction techniques have hardly changed. The Vision-R 800 phoropter offers continuous power changes and makes refraction more precise, easier to perform for the practitioner, and more comfortable for the patient.

At the end, Vision-R 800 phoropter offers the opportunity to compare refractions in a customised immersive real-life scenario. For the patient, smooth power changes and a wider field of vision make refraction very comfortable. The procedure is shorter and less fatigue is experienced.

Scoring another first is Essilor’s Wave Analyzer Medica 700+ which makes its debut in the optical retail scene in Singapore. This instrument has the ability to simulate different light conditions and offers knowledge on how these different environments and their light conditions have an impact on vision. 7-in-1 test (including screenings and tests for Glaucoma, Cataract and Corneal Abnormalities) results that would normally take 30 minutes to an hour across multiple equipment, are now made available in 90 seconds.

Patients will also discover Essilor’s interactive ‘Vision Studio’ when they visit Videre. This concept store within store defines the company’s key values, its in-store identity and experience. Combining guidance, education, personalised and adapted navigation, ‘Vision Studio’ in Videre offers a unique way to make a choice in a wide array of lens solutions, and makes it stand out in a very fashion-driven retail landscape.

With regards to bringing the technology outside of Singapore, Kathy Park, Regional Vice President, Essilor ASEAN and Korea, informed that there are opportunities across Asia, and Essilor are in discussion with various customers.

Members of public interested in an eye examination are welcome to walk-in to Videre, at Forum the Shopping Mall (583 Orchard Road, #01-26, Singapore 238884), but are advised to call (+65 6369-0041) for an appointment. The cost of eye examinations range from SGD $60.00 to SGD $120.00.