Ep 27: justsaying with Darryl Long – Diversity In The Gaming Industry

Across industries, research has shown that there is a direct correlation between diversity and an increase in the level of innovation.

This is especially important in the gaming industry, as diverse teams with different experiences and knowledge will no doubt make for more creative and robust titles.

Driving diversity and inclusion is not just about being socially responsible — it is also commercially imperative to create great games and tell craft epic stories.

Companies have to look inwards to rebuild their culture, holistically. They’d have to foster an inclusive work environment, while also taking into account training and development, employee autonomy, and mental health.

Studios would have to look externally as well, by building the gaming ecosystem in local communities to inform budding developers about the industry, and encouraging them throughout their career journeys.

We speak with Darryl Long, Managing Director at Ubisoft Singapore and Philippines about the need for diversity in the gaming industry.

As a 20-year veteran of the industry experienced both as a hands-on game developer and as a leader of studios across the world, Darryl shares about the need for gender diversity, the impact the Singapore and Philippines have had on the cultural diversity at Ubisoft, and the importance of functional diversity.

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