Roy-Kek-Emerge Esports

Ep 18: justsaying with Roy Kek, EMERGE Esports – The Talent Management Perspective

With Esports quickly gaining traction amongst the youth of Singapore, Esports talent management agency, EMERGE Esports and Mediacorp, Singapore’s national media network, have announced a partnership to develop budding esports content creators under Mediacorp’s Bloomr.SG network.

With this year-long collaboration, up-and-coming Esports content creators will be able to develop their knowledge and skills through vital industry exposure and opportunities, with the opportunity to deliver high quality, value-added content to their consumers.

Aiming to further evolve Singapore’s Esports content creator community amongst Asia’s competitive e-gaming industry, EMERGE Esports’ talents will receive sponsorship, cross-promotion opportunities and get the chance to work with local and regional celebrities to produce content by tapping into Mediacorp’s wide range of resources and facilities.

We speak with Roy Kek, CEO and Founder of EMERGE Esports about the talent management aspect of Esports – from finding the right talent and platform (game), to commercialization and how corporate sponsors are getting into the game.

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