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Enter The Nexus in Heroes of Dragon Age


With Dragon Age Inquisition right around the corner, I needed something to tide me over till the November 2014 release – enter Heroes of Dragon Age.

Heroes of Dragon Age, the mobile freemium offering based on the award winning RPG, retells the history of Thedas through a game that’s something of a mash-up between a collectible card game and a “Final Fantasy styled” RPG.

How so? Well you basically buy 3D figures from Dragon Age lore and make a team of 5 – 4 regular sized and 1 large creature. It goes without saying (but i will anyway) that the figures come in the forms of different varieties and rarities – from common and uncommon to epic level generic characters to unique key characters from the game like Morrigan and Alistair.

Morrigan by eacapitalgames on Sketchfab

Using the initiative mechanic of sorts, characters that are “quicker” strike first. You can then fortify or upgrade our characters by merging other characters. One thing though once the fight begins it’s all out of your hands. The characters do their own thing and strategy basically goes out the window. So whatever planning you need to do, you do it before any battle and then the AI takes over.


I basically just put the strongest characters I have out and let nature take its course with pretty decent results. What I do like is that you don’t really need to spend real cash to get a decent team. In game gold is quite generously given and soon enough you’ll buy enough packs. Over the last couple of days I’ve got 3 epics and one Unique… not too shabby.

However, as you progress, energy points cost too and that means you don’t play as much or as far as you’d like at one go. You need to wait for your points to re-charge before you can set off again. I basically end up switching between the quest lines and pop battles and then take a break.

The latest update from Heroes of Dragon Age introduces a quest-embarking, boss-battling, PvE adventure for all skill levels. Players can battle their way through exclusive maps and complete daily challenges to win heroic loot!

New features of this update include:
  • Nexus – PvE (Player vs. Environment) choices for every player, every day with multiple events that can run simultaneously for different difficulties (easy, medium and hard). In Nexus events, players can win gold, gems, and exclusive heroes.
  • New Divisional Leaderboard System – Meaningful competition with bite-sized leaderboards. This means more rewards and heightened competition!
  • Newsfeed – Find out everything that’s happening in the game all in one place.

Here’s a walkthrough of the new features, narrated by Chelsea Howe, Creative Director of Heroes of Dragon Age.

All in all it’s been an enjoyable game (for me) that helps whet the appetite for Dragon Age Inquisition.

Download Heroes of Dragon Age:

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