Encounter Dragons In Game, Help Children In Real Life

You’ve played the hero, but now you can BE the hero and make a difference to a child’s life by downloading Playpark’s arcade-style dungeon crawler fantasy game – Dragon Encounter.

Between 15 March and 13 April 2016, Playpark will be donating S$1 to Singapore Children’s Society with every installation of its latest mobile game, Dragon Encounter.

Proceeds from this campaign will go to the Singapore Children’s Society, a non-profit organisation which looks after the welfare of more than 68,000 children, youth and families in need. The public can support this initiative by visiting Singapore Children’s Society’s Facebook page or download the free-to-play game at http://smarturl.it/DGE.1for1.

“We are grateful to the community for our success over the years,” said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd. “We hope to inspire the fortunate with this opportunity to help the next generation.”

Underprivileged children are a top concern among Singapore teens and adults today. Playpark intends to empower every mobile user, regardless of age or income, to become a force for social good, by giving the means to aid the less fortunate with a few taps of their smartphones.

“We are always receptive to creative ideas for raising funds for our children in need, and we are grateful to Asiasoft for this opportunity to try out this very interesting and novel fundraising method to help our beneficiaries,” said Mr Alfred Tan, CEO of Singapore Children’s Society.

The public is welcome to contact Singapore Children’s Society directly for other donation or volunteering avenues. You can help further this initiative by sharing Dragon Encounter’s charity drive on social media to your friends and family.

Role-playing as an adventurer, players defeat dragons that terrorise villages and oppress the weak. To show your support, kindly head to either of the following websites:

Singapore Children’s Society Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SingaporeChildrensSociety/

Playpark Dragon Encounter Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayparkDragonEncounter/

Dragon Encounter’s Charity Drive: http://smarturl.it/DGE.1for1