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O! Emma, What Was The Point of Thee?

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The Good
Bill Nighy as Mr. Woodhouse, the one character that made me genuinely laugh despite not having much screen time.
Miranda Hart as Miss Bates, a very powerful emotional performance.
The Bad
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If you thought British humour was an acquired taste, try sitting through a 124-minute British comedy set in the 1800s. Judging by that one person somewhere in the front row hysterically laughing at the slightest hint of a joke, it is safe to say that this movie isn’t for the masses.

The story follows Emma Woodhouse, a young and handsome lady who enjoys her singlehood but enjoys pairing the companions around her. We all have that one friend who says she isn’t interested in relationships but at the same time is thrilled and invested in the idea of getting other people together, that’s basically it.

Together with her naive best friend, Harriet Smith, whom she tries to groom into being more proper and suitable for the menfolk around her, the story does explore a fair bit of friendship between the pair. To be fair, they had their moments where emotions were laid bare and the movie became watchable for a scene or two.

Every good episode of Gossip Girl no doubt includes boys and Emma was no exception. In one corner we had George Knightley, childhood friend, neighbour and guy who’s always squabbling with Emma. In the other corner, we had Frank Churchill, tall, white and a mysterious gentleman who returns home after galavanting around England. The lads did a good job of breathing life into the movie when they did appear.

And lastly, a juicy plot would not be complete without a rival, one who holds just as much adoration and clamour. Jane Fairfax was a well-timed introduction into the movie, starting strong in her mini face-offs with Emma, however, her relevance dwindled as the plot played on and her purpose forgotten.

Overall it’s never a good sign when thirty minutes into a movie, you feel like leaving, and you can’t because your partner chose to sit at the very end of a stairless aisle.

I enjoyed maybe 30 minutes worth of footage in all, but eventually, the feeling of time wasted and boredom will be etched into my memory for the next eight hours because I’m not going to remember a single thing about this movie tomorrow.

Emma is out now!

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