EMERGE Esports Set to Boost All Aspects of Competitive Gaming

Singapore-based esports talent management agency, EMERGE Esports, is all set to bring the brightest talents in the industry under one roof.

Competitive gaming and esports in the region has come a long way since its early days and has seen an unprecedented exposure of late due to the pandemic. EMERGE Esports strives to serve up-and-coming talents with a multi-layered support system that not only provides financial and marketing benefits, but also takes care of the teams’ overall welfare.

EMERGE currently manages one of Singapore’s rising esports competitive team, Kingsmen, which currently competes in popular titles such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), Valorant and PUBG Mobile. The agency, which was incorporated earlier this year in July, aims to boost the growth of the esports ecosystem in Singapore by providing aspiring and existing esports talents with the tools and opportunity to succeed in the industry — with plans to expand its reach across the region.

At launch, the agency boasts over 40 esports athletes and personalities under its stable, including popular DOTA 2 streamer Dominik, widely known as “Blackˆ”, renowned Singapore-based Cosplayer “XIAOYUKIKO”, as well as 2019 SEA Games participant and former captain of EVOS SG’s Mobile Legends team, Robert “Oh Deer Bambi” Boon.


To date, EMERGE Esports have also announced strategic partnerships with over a dozen brands to support and nurture its growing stable of esports talents. This includes traditional esports stalwart Redbull, leading gaming peripherals maker SteelSeries and gaming chair manufacturer, Royale Ergonomics — as well as non-gaming brands such as Embily, StashAway, Reubiks Academy and Singapore’s first home-grown fruit tea, Partea.

With the partnerships, EMERGE will look to serve as an incubator hub, while providing a collaborative ecosystem that caters to the branding, marketing and general welfare needs of talents onboard.

We are excited to be part of this journey which will pave the path for many youngsters and gaming enthusiasts to pursue a career in the esports industry. We would like to establish an ecosystem that nurtures all budding talents in this field and not just the esports athletes

– Pang Xue Jie, Chief Gaming Officer (CGO), EMERGE Esports

As a part of its pre-launch initiative, EMERGE Esports embarked on an offline campaign – EMERGE Against All Odds. Drawing inspiration from the iconic rag-and-bone men of Singapore; or otherwise known as ‘Karang Guni’, the agency sent out ‘Dream Collectors’ in both residential and commercial areas to engage passers-by and encourage them to exchange their unused dreams or life goals for a token sum of money.

EMERGE Esports’s offline campaign – EMERGE Against All Odds hoped to spark conversation on the true value of dreams and passion

Through the campaign, the agency hoped to spark conversation and raise awareness on the true value of dreams and passion, which is often sidelined in the pursuit of what is seen as more practical endeavours. This activity was supported by thought-provoking signboards to actuate the key messaging.

Pang explained, “The idea of the campaign was to highlight the nature of the younger generation settling in jobs for its source of income rather than pursuing what they are truly passionate about. Especially if it is in the less-conventional industries like esports, which often garners negative sentiments from families and friends.

The youngsters who participated in this campaign were more taken aback by the idea of their dreams being disposed of. Towards the end of each session, participants often expressed their determination to work on their true callings, against all odds”.