Elune Saga Smoothly Blends RPG, TCG and Turn-Based Strategy

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I’ve been on Gamevil’s Elune Saga, since its soft launch and it’s been pretty darn enjoyable and has kept me awake more on more than a few occasions when i’m travelling–I usually use travel and commute times to grab a few winks.

While I was a little skeptical at first, Elune Saga manages to blend elements of a role playing game (RPG), trading card game (trading card game) and turn-based strategy into an enjoyable smoothie.

With various Gameplay modes you the option for competitive PvP Arenas, Dungeons and the Story Mode (which is where I send most my time at). Like any other TCG and “collector” game, you go about collecting allies and creatures. In this case, you collect ‘Souls’ which you ‘bind’ to your characters. Gameplay and progression is then split between leveling up your characters, and upgrading the bound souls by combining and enhancing them with others.


Battles are resolved in turn-based encounters and damage is dealt with reference to an elements table (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water) where weaknesses and strengths apply… aah tactics!

While Elune Saga’s story took me a little while to get interested, it does get better. However, I was quite impressed with the graphics and how smooth gameplay is. The characters look clean and there’s minimal lag between turns. Also as you level up, your characters and evolved souls get graphical tweaks to indicate their stronger status as well.

The biggest gripe I have occurs during startup though. I wish updates didn’t take quite so long to load… I want to get to the game.


Xmas is also a great time to begin playing Elune Saga with it’s X’mas promotion–free Summon scroll for SEA players up to 4 January 2015!

All you have to do is leave a comment requesting for a code in the comments box below and you’ll get a code which you can use to summon a 2-6 star soul! Only one code and redemption per account though.. so get it quick and while codes last!


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