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Elune Saga Marries RPG and Collecting Card Games

Elune Saga is the latest title from Gamevil which features RPG elements with collecting features. Elune Saga has its own differentiating features but, many people will compare Elune Saga to Summoners War. Because, not only the game is in the same genre, but also published by the same group. Can’t say that it is a bad thing because after an hour of play, people will realize how different the game is and how much better it is in many respects.

The first thing that you notice about Elune Saga is that the game has a plot that focuses on 3 character in the game’s roster; Tristram the rogue (who is the main protagonist), Alyria the archer and Gerard the Paladin. The story plays out in the Adventure mode where it is comprised of several regions of which, each region has an area where you can fight monsters.


Usually every region has a story element that plays out as a dialog before and after the battles. After each battle you will receive some gold, experience points, enhancing materials and cards. These soul cards are a major part of the Elune Saga experience.

As much as I like Summoners War’s monster collection, it’s very hard to get attached to your monsters when you might need to use it as an enhancing material on later levels. Elune Saga has a central character that you can relate to in the story. And you enhance your characters by the soul cards that you collect. Each character can equip up to 6 cards in total. At first only 1 card can be equipped, but as you level up your characters the card slots will open.

The first 3 card slots are active skill slots. So besides the stat benefit your character gets, your character can use each card’s skill. The last 3 card slot will only give your character stat benefit but you can’t use it as active skills. Each card’s skill is different and there are dozens of cards that you can choose to buff up and beat up your opponents.

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In adventure mode you are limited to 4 person party. At the inn where you can choose your characters and cards, there are several selection of characters that you can choose. There are 4 melee and 4 range characters with a total of 8 characters. You can swap out any of these characters that you want after you’ve unlocked them. Each character also has their separate level and their own skills, so pre selecting and focusing on certain characters is important.

Each card has a star that denotes its general quality from 1 to the ever rare 6 star cards. Any spare cards that you have can be fused to another card to level that card up and have its stats improve but, generally, the skill will stay the same. If you have a card that you like, you can increase the star rating of that card plus improving its active skill in the process. You need to level it up to the maximum and enhance it (With materials that you find in Dungeon mode) to the maximum before you can “awaken” your card’s potential.


There are other ways to increase your card’s star rating like Combine. Combine requires two of equal stared cards with maximum level and enhancement. The difference between Awakening and Combine is that, Combie will generate a random card but with better star rating. Although it is random, it is an easy way to use unwanted cards to get a random one that might just have a better active skill or general stat and with better star rating.

With the selection of characters, the amount of card combination and active skills (Plus the elements!) in this game makes the character development side daunting and mind blowingly huge! With card’s active skill and combination of characters, there will be a range of strategies that can be thought out for PVE and PVP.

The game has both PVE and a “pseudo” PVP mode. The Arena is where you can duke your character out with another player’s character. Due to the game’s structure though, you won’t fight a flesh and blood character but the characters of your opponent will be controlled by the AI. Your characters will still be controlled by you which gives you a lot of advantage. Because of this, there are players that has a different combination of characters and cards when they are playing in the Arena and when they do not (Or in this game’s colloquialism, defending).


Besides that the game also offers a PVE Dungeon and Endless Dungeon Mode where your characters face monsters endlessly till your character loses. Advances in the Arena and Endless Dungeon are ranked in your server and will have its seasons. The game definitely doesn’t skimp on modes.

While Elune Saga may not be the most original RPG out there, it is a marriage between traditional RPG and card collecting games that are popular in the mobile games genre. It is a combination of things that are familiar with the gamers that when you start to play, you feel right at home but still feel a different tone of pace and gameplay. Elune Saga is a combination of what is awesome in mobile gaming today.

Elune Saga has been released for both Android and iOS globally.